Amana ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range?

Timer part number Y0315570 for Amana ARTS6650

The ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range uses timer part number Y0315570.

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ARTS6650 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range, ARTS6650WW/P1143483NWW, ARTS6650E/P1130659NE, ARTS6650E/P1130678NE, ARTS6650E/P1130667NE, ARTS6650LL/P1143483NLL, ARTS6650WW/P1130687NWW, ARTS6650E/P1143483NE, ARTS6650LL/P1143906NLL, ARTS6650E/P1130687NE, ARTS6650WW/P1130659NWW, ARTS6650LL/P1130659NLL, ARTS6650WW/P1143906NWW, ARTS6650WW/P1130649NWW, ARTS6650E/P1143906NE, ARTS6650E/P1130649NE, ARTS6650LL/P1130649NLL, ARTS6650LL/P1130683NLL, ARTS6650LL/P1130687NLL, ARTS6650E/P1130698NE, ARTS6650LL/P1130667NLL, ARTS6650WW/P1130683NWW, ARTS6650WW/P1130698NWW, ARTS6650LL/P1130678NLL, ARTS6650WW/P1130678NWW, ARTS6650E/P1130683NE, ARTS6650WW/P1130667NWW, ARTS6650LL/P1130698NLL

ARTS6650 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Cavity Parts diagram
Main top Parts diagram
ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Main top Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Control panel Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Oven door Parts diagram
Storage drawer Parts diagram
ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Storage drawer Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Inver Grove Heights, MinnesotaAmanaARTS6650WW P1130698NWWY0315570N/AClock does not display, oven does not work. Believe got wet.Repaired
Hampstead, New HampshireAmanaARTS6650WW/P1130649NWWY0315570N/ANo display, so no oven functions. Stove top is functional.Repaired
Cambridge, IdahoAmanaARTS6650EY0315570N/APanel flashed up a "F" for failure and the whole panel was unusable. (clock , oven timer and the rest of the functions. IN oither words the thing diedRepaired
sarver, PennsylvaniaAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570F-5smell of short and cracking noise for a second or two. digital printout jumped around, then settled on F5. all burners and oven work but timer beeps after about 6 seconds unless I put oven on bake{ I set at lowest setting ie 155 F]. pushing timer off windows also stops beep. does 11 year old average use electric range justify timer repair? replacement timer OK also if cost same or less than repair. thanks Howard Ron RaymondBeyond Repair
Girard, OhioAmanaARTS6650E Mfg # P1130698NEY0315570N/AClock and oven controls do not work. There is no failure code, the unit is completely black (does not light up).Repaired
Lancaster, PennsylvaniaAmanaAmana ARTS6650WWY0315570Oven does not workThe oven suddenly stopped working but the stove top works fine. We called a repairman who was not able to fix the problem because part Y0315570 is no longer available. He identified that part to be the source of the problem.Repaired
Portland, OregonAmanaAmana ARTS6650WWY0315570N/ADisplay blank, stove top works-cannot operate ovenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Woburn, MassachusettsAmanaARTS6650EY0315570N/AWe spoke with Howard on 9/22. Broiler was on. Broiler element popped/sparked. Tried to turn off broiler by touching keypad. Keypad flashed and then went blank. Had to turn off oven by major control panel in home. As a result oven does not work, stovetop does. This part has been discontinued by manufacturer. Thank you.Beyond Repair
EDGAR, WisconsinAmanaARTS6650EY0315570N/ATIMER IS DEAD.Repaired
Frisco, ColoradoAmanaARTS6650WWy0315570N/APanel appears deadBeyond Repair
Youngstown, OhioAmanaARTS6650y0315570noneNo display or functions Display is completely darkRepaired
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570N/AClock and Oven Control snot functional at all. However Stove Top Cooking Units work fineRepaired
Faribault, MinnesotaAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570N/AClock lost it's timing. Blinking all the time. The oven will not turn on.Repaired
Mosinee, WisconsinAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570N/ATimer is dead, no functionRepaired
West Columbia, South CarolinaAmanaARTS6650EY0315570N/AOven clock and display options will not operate; therefore, oven will not heat at all. Cook top elements are fine and operable.

We have tested wiring with instrument which indicates that power is being received.
Clermont, FloridaAmanaARTS6650Y0315570N/AStopped workingRepaired
Morton, IllinoisAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570N/AThe display went dark one day and has had no response. The cook top and oven light come on with no problems. Had the oven tested to ensure power was being transmitted to the part. This seems to be a common issue with this type of oven.Repaired
Folsom, CaliforniaAmanaARTS6650WW0315570N/ANo lights or response to pressing controls. Oven is inoperative.Repaired
Cocoa Beach, FloridaAmanaARTS6650WWYo315570N/AThe clock and the oven will not operate.Repaired
Orchard, TexasAmanaARTS6650WWYO315570N/AScreen went blank - does not operate oven at all.Repaired
West Columbia, South CarolinaAmanaARTS6650EYO315570N/AAmana slide-in range -- Oven timer suddenly stopped working; therefore, entire oven will not heat and function. Top of range ceramic elements are operable. We have checked voltage and determined that power going to timer is present (110 volts).Repaired
Mill Creek, WashingtonAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570N/ACooktop works however oven doesn'tRepaired
Allegany, New YorkAmanaModel #ARTS6650LL, Mfg #P1130678NLLY0315570N/AI need a new or reconditioned timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Eugene, OregonAmanaARTS6650eY0315570N/ALower oven element does not work. Upper element (broiler works). All other timer /clock controls work. A repair person has determined that the problem is in the EOC. Amana does not stock this part any longer.Awaiting receipt of timer
katy, TexasAmanamodel ARRS6550/ARTS6650y0315570N/Adoes not turn onRepaired
Hillsboro, OregonAmanaARTS6650E P1130687N Ey0315570n/aOven and display do not work, burners are working fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
ogden, UtahAmanaARTS6650LLy0315570N/AThe range top works fine, but the timer, oven , bake clean control doesn't even turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
Hogansville, GeorgiaAmanaARTS6650WW0315570No control or power Oven worked great for 11 years and just recently the LCD was out and the buttons to do not functionRepaired
Plymouth, MinnesotaAmanaARTS6650E0315570N/ACannot turn off oven after it is turned on. Burners work fine. I need to turn the entire stove off with the circuit breaker. When I turn on the circuit breaker again, the oven works, but won't turn off until we cycle it again with the circuit breaker.Repaired
Evans, GeorgiaAmanaARTS6650WW31-315570-07-0NoneYou repaired this oven controller last May. The other day my wife said that the oven controller made a popping sound, stopped displaying the time, and then the oven turned on and couldn't be turned off except by killing the power to it at the fuse box. Please perform a warranty repair.Beyond Repair
Bryson City, North CarolinaAmanaARTS6650WW31-315570-07-0Oven doesn't workOven doesn't work but top burners do. No lights on timer.Repaired
Evans, GeorgiaAmanaARTS6650WW31-315570-07-0NoneControls stopped working. I replaced all capacitors, but still doesn't work. I verified that 240V is being supplied to control relays.Repaired
Coeur d'Alene, IdahoAmanaARRS6550 ARTS665031-315570-07-0N/Anot workingBeyond Repair
Coeur d'Alene, IdahoAmanaARRS6550 ARTS665031-315570-07-0N/Anot workingBeyond Repair
Huntsburg, OhioAmanaARTS6650EYO315570No code just blankthe clock and controls go blank burner operation is fine but oven controls are dead when goes blank checked it out the harness connector to the transformer is arcing underneith the circuit board I don't know if it is a broken terminal connection or burned circuit board but the wires can be wiggled and the led will light up again but will go out againAwaiting receipt of timer
Lancaster, PennsylvaniaAmanaARTS6650WW315570NoneTouchpad and oven do not work,dead; range works fineBeyond Repair
Gaston, North CarolinaAmanaARTS6650WW315570n/aNeither clock nor oven will work anymore.Awaiting receipt of timer
Eugene, OregonAmanaARTS6650wwyo315570ncaN/AOven and clock do not work. It does not light up at all.Repaired
North Haledon, New JerseyAmanaARTS6650LLAP4283153N/Aneed replacementAwaiting receipt of timer
Mission Viejo, CaliforniaAmanaARTS6650-WWAP4283153n/aThe whole display is lite. Oven elements are always on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mission Viejo, CaliforniaAmanaARTS6650-WWAP4283153n/aThe whole display is lite. Oven elements are always on.Awaiting receipt of timer
North Haledon, New JerseyAmanaARTS6650LLPS1508271N/AOven off button brokenAwaiting receipt of timer
Sioux Falls, South DakotaAmanaARTS6650LLSee belowUnknownTimer dead. A tag on the timer has the following numbers:
Serial number of range is: 9610188415 Mfg: P1130649NLL
Salinas, CaliforniaAmanaARTS6650WW31-315570-07-DN/AThe timer stopped working, no lights, just blank. Does not respond to button presses. The stove top eyes work, but the oven does not.Repaired
Painesville, OhioAmanaARTS6650EY0315570NoneDisplay panel not lighting, stove working oven notAwaiting receipt of timer
COVENTRY, Rhode IslandAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570nonecompletely dark and no soundAwaiting receipt of timer
Snohomish, WashingtonAmanaARTS6650WWYO315570N/AWe can’t set the time or oven timer, the buttons no longer workAwaiting receipt of timer
Tacoma, WashingtonAmanaARTS6650WWY0315570No code just doesnâ€Mine does not work looking for replacementAwaiting receipt of timer
Tacoma, WashingtonAmanaARTS6650WWPS1508271No code just doesnâ€Mine does not work looking for replacementAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Amana ARTS6650 Slide-In Electric Range Timer

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PartSelect User: Hello, I am looking for part #316360B or a generic that will work model#ARTS6650E serial#9906261006 mfg#P1130698N E this is an Amana oven produced by Whirlpool we also thought it could have been part #0315570 or#315570 we will also need part #315851B this part seems to still be available thought I would give this to you as a cross ref # XXXXX (Brian)1-XXX-XXX-XXXX or 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX XXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX also what else could be wrong I smelled a burning smell and seemed to be coming from this control panel a few days ago I replaced the oven heat element and everything worked Now none of the controls work for the oven/clock....thanks again
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I recently purchased a lakeside upright grand piano. The serial number is XXXXX I would like to know how old it is. Thank you.
We recently purchased a house with an Amana oven included. It is an electric smooth top with a Dual Radiant Element on the front right side. Only the small element works (no matter which way the switch is pushed). The model number is XXXXX ARRS6550 or ARTS6650. How is this repaired and is it worth the expence to have someone do it?
I have an Amana self-cleaning slide-in electric oven model # XXXXX and ARTS6650. I turned the oven on to 425 degrees and worked for approx 45 min. then shut down completely. The cook top is working, the oven light works however, the oven panel with the clock and push button controls does not work and the oven will not go on. Please Help!
our Amana oven is stuck in the "lock" mode of a cleaning cycle that was started in error. -F9_ flashes and it continually beeps. I'm not sure the model number it is a flat cook top with "Euro Kera" on it. Touchpad oven controls and dials for the burn on the front as well
The "lock" light flashes continuously, then it starts beeping and then the F9 message flashes. The oven will not turn on. This is on out Amana ARTS6650 oven. What can we do?
Amana ARTS6650 oven - oven shuts off at various times while baking. Also sometines get F2 error code, even when oven NOT being used.
Following apparent power surge (clocks were blinking) screen reads "OFF" and oven doesn't work. clock is on but none of the controls work. oven is fine. ERC? Jack
First I was getting the F1 code and the oven functions would shut off, sometimes after heating up to 350. Then none of the oven touch buttons responded at all when touched. I removed the ERC, and then replaced it after a couple days (hoping for a miracle) and all the oven buttons were responding, but oven shuts off a few seconds after be turned on. (It's a convection model.)

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