Amana ART6511WW Electric Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ART6511WW Electric Range?

Timer part number 315570 for Amana ART6511WW

The ART6511WW Electric Range uses timer part number 315570.

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ART6511WW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ART6511WW Electric Range, ART6511WW/P1143612NWW, ART6511WW/P1143689NWW, ART6511WW/P1143676NWW, ART6511WW/P1143642NWW, ART6511WW/P1143658NWW, ART6511WW/P1143623NWW, ART6511WW/P1143821NWW

ART6511WW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ART6511WW Electric Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
ART6511WW Electric Range Cavity Parts diagram
Maintop and backguard Parts diagram
ART6511WW Electric Range Maintop and backguard Parts diagram
Oven door and storage door Parts diagram
ART6511WW Electric Range Oven door and storage door Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Elk Grove, IllinoisAmanaART6511WW3970755N/ANo display at all, power is available to stove top burners.Repaired
jacksonville, IllinoisAmanaART6511WWy0315570deadthe clock is just dead nothing lights up nothing happensRepaired
sun prairie, WisconsinAmanaART6511WWY0315570F4timer and oven do not work but stove top doesReplaced with reconditioned timer
Lansing, KansasAmanaART6511WWY0315570NONEDisplay is blank. Touch pads have no response.Repaired
Irion, MinnesotaAmanaART6511WWY0315570No displayNo display, Oven controls don't turn on the ovenRepaired
Decatur, IllinoisAmanaART6511WWY0315570N/AThe electric control does not display and oven does not work.Repaired
Bellevue, WashingtonAmanaAmana ART6511WWY0315570N/AMost of the time it does not work, no clock display, oven does not turn on.Repaired
Eau Claire, WisconsinAmanaART6511WWY0315570LED BlackLED is black and there is power to the timer.Repaired
Eau Claire, WisconsinAmanaART6511WWY0315570LED BlackLED is black and there is power to the timer.Repaired
Holland, MichiganAmanaART6511WWY0315570N/AClock not working, have power to clockRepaired
Des Moines, IowaAmanaART6511WWY0315570Blank ScreenBlank Screen. No input beepsAwaiting receipt of timer
Roscoe, IllinoisAmanaART6511WWY0315570noneElectronic oven control is blank and not functioningRepaired
sun prairie, WisconsinAmanaART6511WWPS2194693F5oven does not work and timer does not work.Looking for other erc to replace original and the number they give is Y0315570.I received an email saying one just came in. If these parts match up how long till part arrives?Replaced with reconditioned timer
Valparaiso, IndianaAmanaART6511WW0315570NoneIt just decided to no light up one day.
PS. Howard was very nice, helpful, and professional on the phone when I called. Thanks!
Green Bay, WisconsinAmanaART6511WW0315570noneface is black and oven does not work.Repaired
Cavalier, North DakotaAmanaART6511WWyo315570noneDisplay is dark, no display, has 110vac powerAwaiting receipt of timer
Sharpsburg, GeorgiaAmanaART6511WW315570NoneDoes nothing, no failure code, no lights on LED. Acts like no power, but appliance is powered. Electric stovetop works and stove light works.Repaired
Wixom, MichiganAmanaART6511WWY0315570Blank BlankI have nothing and my oven is still getting 120 volt to the wires.Repaired
Newtonville, MassachusettsAmanaART6511WW0315570N/ACompletely dead. Was working fine and then died one day. All other controls are working fine (stove burners & oven light). Checked and the control board is getting 120VAC.Repaired
North Canton, OhioAmanaART6511WWMFG P1143642NWWN/AClock had wrong time in AM. Reset time. Came home latter display was dead. Burners work and there is power going to timer.Repaired
Lake Ozark (Emerald Bay), MissouriAmanaAmana (ART6511WW)Y0315570 P1143642WWN/AOven, timer & clock doesn't workRepaired
Syracuse, New YorkAmanaART6511WW31-315570-07-0 100-968-00N/AAfter lightning storm, clock and control panel stopped working.Repaired
Owensboro, KentuckyAmanaART6511WW355570N/Anot applicableAwaiting receipt of timer
WEST BRIDGEWATER, MassachusettsAmanaART6511WW31-315570-07-0N/AThe display on the timer does not work. As requested I verified that there was 120vac to the unit. We had a power hit a couple of nights ago and that is probably what caused the issue.Repaired

Common problems for Amana ART6511WW Electric Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your ART6511WW timer-related problem.
Amana electric smoothtop oven, model # XXXXX XXXXX ARR6400 or ART6511....appliance is eleven years old. Burners work fine, but overnight the numeric display went dark and none of the associated touchpad functions appear to work (oven, clock, clocks.) There were no preliminary symptoms, no prior malfunctions, so I'm suspecting a circuit board failure? But is there a way to be sure...are there internal fuses, breakers, or something else I could be overlooking?
I am remodeling my kitchen and have run a new 220v line (4-wire receptacle) to my oven. My oven is older (Amana ART6511WW) and is currently run using a 3-wire plug. I have purchased a new 4-wire cord. I undertand that there is a relatively simple conversion that can be performed on the oven to allow for use with the 4-wire receptacle. Can you list the steps or present a source of that information?
1) Touched Bake, set Temp to 325. 2) When temp reached 325, placed cake in oven. 3) Checked oven at 30 minutes, temp was at 260 and never rose. 4) Cleared settings, touched bake again, temp 325 and "on" signal came indicate oven was ready. 5) Self-diagnostic system never appeared, so I am in the dark as to what the problem is. The above is my problem, and since we are on a limited budget, I need to fix this myself.
First off, let me start by saying I don't really know how old the oven is. The house was built in '99, and chances are it's the original, but I don't know. Anyway, while I was at work today my wife called me telling me the oven blew up. It's all electric, so that's not entirely possible, but she happened to be using the broiler that we practically never use. It turns out that the broiler element basically did explode and sparks were flying within my oven for a good 30-45 seconds. The broiler element has a huge gap where the rupture occurred....probably 2-3 inches. When I reset the breaker upon getting home, the clock came on just fine, and I figured using the bake option would be alright because I do enjoy to eat dinner every night, like most people. The problem is that a preheat setting to 350 resulted in the oven heating to 105 (the oven shows 100 by default until it surpasses 100, then counts up), and then stopping. Opening the oven door revealed that the element was not even on, re
It seems to not be getting enough power. Just moved to an old house. The 3 prong plug was used at the last new home we were in. The breaker is 50 amps and the wire has an ooven casing. What is the problem?
My Amana oven has the digital clock very dim and the front right burner as well as back left burnur not heating. I wonder if it's some corellation and i need to change the whole circuit board or it's just a bad clock and bad burners. Can anybody help me finding the part number for them? Second question may sound stupid but i need guidance in that aspect too: how do i remove the smooth coocktop surface to access the heating elements? I would appreciate any input
Hi, I'm having a problem with my Amana Electric self clean oven. The clock works fine but the oven itself does not heat at all. The range top burners do not heat at all as well. I have checked the main breaker in the fuse box already, but no luck. I know the range is old, but I really don't want to buy a new one right now. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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