Amana ARG7600 Gas Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ARG7600 Gas Range?

Timer part number 31315569070 for Amana ARG7600

The ARG7600 Gas Range uses timer part number 31315569070.

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ARG7600 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ARG7600 Gas Range, ARG7600W-P1141298NW, ARG7600WW-P1143387NWW, ARG7600LL-P1143387NLL, ARG7600WW-P1143339NWW, ARG7600LL-P1143364NLL, ARG7600W-P1143321NW, ARG7600LL-P1143332NLL, ARG7600L-P1141298NL, ARG7600LL-P1143354NLL, ARG7600LL-P1143339NLL, ARG7600WW-P1143364NWW, ARG7600WW-P1143384NWW, ARG7600L-P1143321NL, ARG7600WW-P1143345NWW, ARG7600L-P1143332NL, ARG7600WW-P1143354NWW, ARG7600WW-P1141298NWW, ARG7600CC-P1143387NCC, ARG7600LL-P1143384NLL, ARG7600W-P1143332NW, ARG7600LL-P1143345NLL, ARG7600WW-P1143332NWW, ARG7600LL-P1141298NLL

ARG7600 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Cavity Parts diagram
Main top Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Main top Parts diagram
Backguard Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Backguard Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Oven door Parts diagram
Storage door Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Storage door Parts diagram
Gas supply Parts diagram
ARG7600 Gas Range Gas supply Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Lake Orion, MichiganAmanaARG7600WW31944801Does not work or ligTimer does not function at all, does not light up at all... no display... Seems 120V is making it to the transformer. Will buy refurb from inventory or can send in for repair.Awaiting receipt of timer
Manhattan, IllinoisAmanaARG7600LL31944801NAPower is good to timer from source, Timer wont operate. Wont light up, wont operate by buttonsRepaired
Anoka, MinnesotaAmanaARG7600WW31944801NO CODEUnit not powering up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Villa Park, IllinoisAmanaAmana ARG7600WW31944801N/AOnce I press bake and then set temperature, when it goes to 100 to warm up, the entire panel goes blank. It will come back on with the flashing time after a few minutes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sandy, UtahAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/ADisplay is blank. There is no control of the oven. Stove has power though. I'm open to either repair or replacement. Please send quote with options.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tinley Park, IllinoisAmanaARG7600LL31944801N/ALost all signals from the display. No clock, no oven control etc.Awaiting receipt of timer
Voorhees, New JerseyAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/ASelect Bake or Broil and set temperature. You can hear a click to start the flow of gas. A few seconds later, the display dims and then the clock begins flashing a new time. The oven never heats up. There is no smell of gas. Also, even setting the time on the clock and leaving the stove alone, eventually (a few hours), the clock will reset and begin flashing.Repaired
Macedonia, OhioAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/AWorked on and off for a week, then went black yesterday. No function at all.Repaired
Charlotte, North CarolinaAmanaARG7600WW793360NoneDigital Display Failed. The timer controls both the "timer" and the oven functions. The entire display failed, it no longer keeps time or will allow the oven to be turned on. ThanksRepaired
Oneida, New YorkAmanaARG7600WW31-315569-07-0NoneBlank screenAwaiting receipt of timer
Naperville, IllinoisAmanaARG7600WW31-315569-07-0noneTimer does nothing no clock no beeps, no responce. The oven light works, and top burners work. Just quit showing time one day.Repaired
Manhattan, IllinoisAmanaARG7600LLEAP2034176NAUnit wont light or operate oven. Power was good to the unit.Repaired
Greeley, ColoradoAmanaARG7600WW0315569Dead No display, no Unit doesn't turn on. Has 120 VAC coming into board, no response from any button, display is black.Awaiting receipt of timer
Greeley, ColoradoAmanaARG7600WW0315569Dead No display, no Unit doesn't turn on. Has 120 VAC coming into board, no response from any button, display is black.Awaiting receipt of timer
Shakopee, MinnesotaAmanaARG7600WW315569F-5F-5 error code- motherboard burned out and needs to be replaced for my electronic oven/range timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Westby, WisconsinAmanaARG7600WWP1143345NNWF5F5 on bootAwaiting receipt of timer
Washougal, WashingtonAmanaARG760031-3155?9-3or87-9dead no codedeadRepaired
Blaine, MinnesotaAmanaARG7600WW31944801NATimer not repairable. Want quote on new and reconditioned replacement.Awaiting receipt of timer
Los Angeles, CaliforniaAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/AProblem began as intermittent. Oven/broiler would not heat. Now it doesn't heat at all.Beyond Repair
Studio City, CaliforniaAmanaAMAN ARG7600WW31944801n/Ait just stopped working and lighting up, but I have power to stoveAwaiting receipt of timer
Komoka, OntarioAmanaARG7600WW31944801unit is deadclock/control is dead rest of range worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Anchorage, AlaskaAmanaARG7600LL31944801unknownOven control board diedAwaiting receipt of timer
Lowell, MassachusettsAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/AFirst the broiler stopped working and then three days later everything stopped working.Repaired
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/AI need to purchase a replacement part. If you have a new part available, then I would like to purchase it. If not, then I would like to purchase a reconditioned part.Awaiting receipt of timer
Johns Island, South CarolinaAmanaARG7600WW TimerunknownNoneUnit just buzzes. Will not light the oven of broilerRepaired
New Lenox, IllinoisAmanaARG7600WW793360NAStove won't turn on. I replaced the two ignitors, the stove top burners work fine, but the oven won't start for broil or for bake.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cottage Grove, MinnesotaAmanaARG760031-315569-07-0Display doesn't lighOven light works but the timer does not display anythingRepaired
Hartland, WisconsinAmanaARG7600WW31-315569-07-0Display is blankTimer is blank. Ordered another off ebay that was supposed to be working, that one doesn't power up either. I'm shipping the second which you can keep for a $20.00 discount off service of the first.Repaired
Grahamsville, New YorkAmanaARG7600WW31-315569--07-0Noneoven does not work, no lights on timerRepaired
Mukwonago, WisconsinAmanaARG7600WW315569N/Ajust stopped workingAwaiting receipt of timer
BAY CITY, MichiganAmanaARG7600WW315569-07N/ADOES NOT WORKRepaired
Laona, WisconsinAmanaARG7600LL, P1143345NLLY0315569No disp or programPower to board, No display and Cannot ProgramRepaired
East Hanover, New JerseyAmanaARG7600WWY0315569Stopped workingTimer went blank...tried circuit breakers...would not turn back on.Repaired
Oshkosh, WisconsinAmanaARG7600WW31-315569noneNo readout at all, completely black.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hudson, WisconsinAmanaARG7600LL100-969-00UnkDisplay is blank. Oven controls do not function.Repaired
Reno, NevadaAmanaARG7600WW31944801N/ACan't turn oven on and touch pad doesn't respond. Stove top burners work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hudson, WisconsinAmanaARG7600LLAP4041311N/ANeed a new control panel/timerAwaiting receipt of timer
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAmanaARG7600LL31944801noneElectronic oven panel just went out. No longer shows time or failure codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Yellville, ArkansasAmanaARG7600LL31944801noneoven makes a puffing sound when lighting every time all through the baking cycleAwaiting receipt of timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaAmanaARG7600WW31-315569-07-0NoneOven does not maintain temperature. Sometimes 60F too low, sometimes 60F too high. Replaced temperature sensor and saw no improvement.Repaired

Common problems for Amana ARG7600 Gas Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your ARG7600 timer-related problem.
Amana Oven ARG7600WW ( 11 ys old). Oven and broiler will not heat. Ignitors will not glow. No gas smell. rangetop burners work fine. Bake Ignitor replaced about 2 ys ago. Could both have failed at same time. Is there a circuit board component that may be linked to both ignitors? Are there test points I can look at?
I have an ARG7600WW (Amana Self-Cleaning gas oven). I am trying to use the self-cleaning feature, however, when I select the self-clean option, the screen reads "door" and beeps, and then it reads "F9", and subsequently will not clean. Any thoughts??? Thank you.
I have an Amana 1999 Model ARG7600WW, When the oven is on and we go to open the door we smell gas (natural gas). Can you tell me if this is a problem that needs too be taken care of and if so what is my problem, part needed to repair it and can I do this.
I have an Amana gas oven model#ARG7600WW. The 4 burners work as does the broiler but it will not bake. The heat element glows up but the gas does not release. The rerason I know that is because after the element got hot I tried lighting the burner with a lighter and i got nothing. Does my model have 2 gas valves?
amana gas oven arg7600LL. electrical storm. breaker tripped. reset breaker. oven ignitor did not glow so i replaced it. still will not heat up. the other possibilities are more expensive. so rather than buy more parts I wanted to ask an expert
I have a 1993 Amana gas oven. It is no longer receiving power - display and control board are no longer getting power. Gas works fine and oven can be lit manually, but no electricity is getting through. The outlet in the wall has power (120v), but we can't seem to find what might need replacement. The wall power cord goes into the lower corner in back of the range but is not hard-wired in--it's a male/female plug unit. Digital display is black, oven light does not come on. Periodically while moving the wires in the back of the range around, we'd get momentary power, and then nada. We'd try exactly the same movement the next time and nothing. Suggestions? Judy
amana model arg7600ll. lightning tripped house breaker. reset. igniter would not light. replaced. still would not glow. asked expert. was told to check valve. checked valve. 1.7ohms. no voltage to ignitor or valve. think it is the clock/circuit board but want experts opinion before I spend the bucks.
I own an Amana Gas oven Mod ARG7600, about 10 years old.... Our problem: When oven is turned on, although everything looks to be OK, (EG Igniter lights) the gas valve may open and oven heats up normally, other times gas valve may not open and oven heats up for maybe 1/2 Hour, yet other times gas valve doesn't seem to open or temperature barely climbs above 200 degrees...... A local serviceman says a new gas valve costs about $150.00 installed, but may not fix the problem..... What sugestions do you have..... By the way the Broiler works perfectly as do all of the burners.
I have an Amana oven, model ARG7600. This evening while we had the oven on, we heard a couple of clanking noises, then the display went out and began buzzing loudly. We turned off the circuit breaker and when we turned it back on, the buzzing had stopped but the display is beeping and displaying -- F5 -- repeatedly. Can you help with what this error code means?
I have an Amana Gas oven. Model number either ARG7600 OR ARG7800. Its about 12 years old. It takes over 15 minutes for the temperature to go above 100 degrees when we are using the oven and we have the temp at 400 degrees.
I have an amana gas oven (model ARG7600). The oven won't heat up. The igniters glow, but it seems the gas is not comming through the burner? The range top burners are working fine. Anu suggestions? Thank You, John
I have a gas Amana oven, either ARG7600 or ARG7800 which is several years old. This morning is started flashing "lock" and beeping (very loudly) with an error message of F9. I wasn't using the oven nor was I trying to clean it. How do I stop the beeping (either than hitting Oven Cancel which only stops the beeping for a minute or two. Thanks
Our Amana oven ARG 7800 or 7600? has a problem. The digital readout and controls have gone out. I checked and there is electricity to the oven. The oven light works. What should I do?
I have an Amana ARG7600. The oven comes on intermitantly and seems to be getting worse. Does the igniter need to be replaced?
arg7600 oven won't light. Glow plug works. No gas.
I have an Amana Self-Cleaning oven ARG7600. It is plugged into an outlet that is working but no lights come on. Does this model have an internal fuse that might be blown?
Amana oven ARG7300W The broiler and top burners are working but the oven does not seem to be working. Everything that I have read leads me to replacing the ignitor but I don't know how to do this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. CG
Amana Self Clean oven Model # ARG7600LL is VERY slow to heat up to temperture needed. Gas range top works fine - oven does not. We've replaced thermostat - worked for awhile - now same old problem - very slow to heat (like takes hours to get to temperture!).
Tried using my gas range yesterday and it would'nt get hot. Investagated further and found that the glowbar or igniter was working but gas was not being released. What could be causing this problem???
I Replaced the Igniter now have 3.5 amps. The burner comes on then the igniter fades out and the burner flame goes out. With the oven set at 350 the preheat tone goes off with the oven at 225. With the oven set at 400 the preheat tone goes off with the oven at 300. Tried the temperature adjustment in the manual, did not change the oven temp by much. Which to try next Temp sensor or the controller? Before the igniter was replaced some times the oven would work fine other times it could not make or hold temp.
My oven will not come on the broiler at the top of the oven is working fine but the oven part in the bottom will not do anything. No heat or glowing. What do you think could be my problem
Amana ARG7600WW 990S177809 P1143345NWW In the bake mode the oven will not light the igniter glow but burner will not light appears no gas. In the broil mode the upper burnner lights
A few days ago our oven display went black. Not sure the cause. We did have some strong wind that day, but I don't understand how that would do it. Pushing the Start button, I get the beeps - one short, one long, three short. Looking around on the forums I found this thread which appears to be the same issue I'm having: Whirlpool display problems. I even ripped the control panel cover off of the screws like this guy, since I didn't see that thread in time. I did glue all of the contacts back on to the cover though. Anyway, I'm no handy man, but I'd like to fix this myself since I'm guessing it would run $500-600 if I call a repair company. I believe this Electronic Control is what I need to fix the problem: Part Details - WHIRLPOOL Electronic control, part number: AP3873768 My question is do I take a flyer and spend $226 on this part and hope that it works. I see your return policy does not allow returns on plugged in electronics. I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance that
model # arg7600ww. Display clock keeps flashing, model # arg7600ww. Display clock keeps flashing, and the range wont bake when it is flashing. Once and a while the clock disappears, other times it is fine and the oven works.

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