Amana AOCS3040WW Wall Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana AOCS3040WW Wall Oven?

Timer part number 31746801 for Amana AOCS3040WW

The AOCS3040WW Wall Oven uses timer part number 31746801.

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AOCS3040WW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool AOCS3040WW Wall Oven, AOCS3040SS-P1132348NSS, AOCS3040WW-P1132348NWW, AOCS3040E-P1132375NE, AOCS3040E-P1132378NE, AOCS3040E-P1132353NE, AOCS3040SS-P1132378NSS, AOCS3040WW-P1132378NWW, AOCS3040CC-P1132378NCC, AOCS3040E-P1132348NE

AOCS3040WW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Door/control panel Parts diagram
AOCS3040WW Wall Oven Door/control panel Parts diagram
Oven assy/bottom insulation Parts diagram
AOCS3040WW Wall Oven Oven assy/bottom insulation Parts diagram
Outer cabinet/racks Parts diagram
AOCS3040WW Wall Oven Outer cabinet/racks Parts diagram
Inner cavity/latch/blower/bake and broil assy Parts diagram
AOCS3040WW Wall Oven Inner cavity/latch/blower/bake and broil assy Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Washougal, WashingtonAmanaAOCS3040WW31746801F1As soon as applying power - we bought this used - the F1 code comes on and it beeps. I unhooked the membrane panel ribbon and it still beeps and displays F1, leading me to believe it is the ECR.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chester, VermontAmanaAOCS3040WW31-315087-07 with 100-00783-00F1At first F1, but that stopped. Seems to work normally but any mode/temperature goes 15-20 minutes then shuts off. Can't go again. Howard Simons said he had one of these. I need to get it by tues-weds next week; got people coming for Thanksgiving!

Thanks, fb
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Clayton, MissouriAmanaAOCS3040WW31-31746801-DF1 on Cancel KeyF1 error code on pressing the Cancel key. Turn power off/on and the error code returns. Press Bake before error code starts and oven works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chesterton, IndianaAmanaAOCS3040WWAP4040447offWe had a power outage yesterday, with the power on & off, and the lights were pulsing, at low output. It looked like the old prison movies when they're frying some one. When we got power back, the clock still works, but it has "off" displayed in the upper right corner of the display. No buttons on the panel have any effect, and the clock can't be set. The oven doesn't come onAwaiting receipt of timer
Eagle River, AlaskaAmanaAOCS3040WW31746801no code - just turnsregardless of which mode is selected or temperature set, it just turns off within a minute.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rome, New YorkAmanaAOCS3040WW31-31746801-0nonewhen selecting any oven temp, heating clicks on for a few seconds and then clicks off. this appears to be a generic problem with this model oven's control boardRepaired

Common problems for Amana AOCS3040WW Wall Oven Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your AOCS3040WW timer-related problem.
I have an Amana convection wall oven Model #AOCS3040WW that is giving me a code of F1 and then starts beeping. Everything works fine until you press the cancel button and then it gives the code and starts to beep. Could it be one of the circuit boards?
I have an Amana convection wall oven model#aocs3040ww. When trying to heat up in any mode the oven shuts itself off after a minute or so. The clock on the display stays on and no error codes appear. I've tried resetting by turning the power off with no luck.
Amana convection wall oven attempts to heat up then shuts off. clock works and display works. Oven is 13 years old
I have a built in Amana Convection Multimode oven, Model AOC53040WW. A couple of years ago it had a problem in which it would turn itself off a minute or so it was started. This happened whether it was in oven mode or convection mode. I called a repairman who spent a lot of time with it and declared it could not be repaired. Months later I was wondering why everything else on the panel worked, but not that function. So I pressed oven cancel, and after that I was able to successfully turn the oven on and keep it on. A couple of weeks ago, however, the problem reappeared. The oven turns itself off after a minute or two. Pressing oven cancel does nothing. Can this be fixed by myself or a repairman? I do not want to spend $200 on another service call if this is something that cannot be fixed.
I have a wall oven amana number aocs3040ww when I press the bake on the pad and then go to temperature and put in the temperature the oven starts and goes to pre-bake and then shuts off after a couple of seconds. I get a F7 error when I hold the pad button in. I replaced the touch pad , but still get the same result.
The glass door on my amana 30 inch built in oven model# XXXXX broke and the oven is discontinued, so the part (31753503W) is not available. No one, not even any parts dealers have this part. Does anyone know what other oven this part was used on or what the exact dimensions of the glass are? It is the outer glass on the door known as the assy door face. thanks
I have an Amana convection wall oven that is displaying F1, I followed the instructions on the ERC test and discovered that I needed to replace the ERC panel. I did this and I still get F1 display. The convection fan and internal light comes on but, no heat! The touch pad seem to be working correct. Does anyone have an explanation?
The control panels OK. If I press any oven mode, Bake, Convection, etc. then I set the temp, I hear clicking and the display says pre-bake on with bake flashing, but then the oven turns off after about 10 seconds. Model - AOCS3040WW Manufacturer - P1132348NWW This sounds similar to other problems posted but I'd like some advice from the expert. Is this the ERC? P/N?
Gene, Installed new erc and everything is fine. Looks like it was both the faulty erc and the cracked keypad.Original sercvice guy was going to order the relay board, glad I did it myself,
Checking various dishwasher components for continuity allows you to identify a failed component. For example, you can test your dishwasher water valve solenoid, float switch, and other dishwasher parts. The following article on our forum will explain in detail how to run a continuity test using either an analog meter or a digital meter - How To Check Continuity With Ohmmeter
I have replaced the broiler igniter of the upper oven cabinet but now I found out that there is no power coming to the igniter when control knob is turned on. Is there a wiring diagram for this oven?
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I appreciate your answer yesterday about my no heat problem but now I have a new problem, the part is no longer available. You said I need a hi-limit thermostat, part no. R0702563. This part is appearantly no longer available. I have found a part made by Whirlpool that fits Whirlpool and many other ovens including Amana called a hi-limit switch. The Whirlpool part no. is 74009837. If possible could you tell me if that part would work inplace of the one that you suggested and if it will could you give me your part no. for it. Ron

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  • i have an amana convection wall oven model#aocs3040ww. when trying to heat up in any mode the oven shuts itself off after a minute or so. the clock on the display stays on and no error codes appear. i