Amana AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Timer

Amana AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Features:

Amana AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range
  • Clean-n-Simple design - Self-cleaning oven with adjustable cleaning levels, sealed surface burners and lift-off burner caps
  • Cooking flexibility of one 16,000 BTU burner, two 9,200 BTU burners and one 5,000 BTU burner
  • Favorite setting lets you preprogram the the cook time and oven temperature for the foods your family cooks most often
  • Trivet grate creates a continuous grate surface, so it's easy to slide heavy pots from burner to burner
  • Easy-Use convection with auto conversion automatically adjusts the oven to the proper temperature in Convect mode
  • Easy Touch 800 oven controls
  • Three oven racks, including one EasyRack™ oven rack - Practical U-shaped design lets you easily place and remove bakeware without touching the rack
  • Eight rack positions for extra cooking flexibility
  • Hi/Lo broil (closed door) produces delicious meats, garlic bread and more
  • Oven light lets you keep an eye on dinner
  • Electronic clock with timer is easy to read and use
  • Cook & Hold setting cooks food for time selected, then automatically reduces oven temperature to keep food warm for one hour
  • Keep Warm™ setting keeps food hot until everyone's at the table
  • Delay Bake oven control lets you start cooking when you're not there and come home to a hot meal
  • Auto shutoff - Oven turns itself off after 12 hours
  • Child lockout for added safety
  • Sabbath Mode overrides the oven's 12-hour auto shutoff for up to 72 hours of uninterrupted cooking on holidays and other special occasions
  • Storage drawer keeps pots, pans and lids within easy reach
  • Heavy duty, high gloss, 2-piece cast iron burner grates are easy to keep clean and shiny, even if the spaghetti sauce splatters
  • Smooth gloss backguard is easy to clean - Spills wipe off the surface easily; your range stays looking shiny and new
  • Spillsaver™ upswept cooktop design - Spills won't drip down the side of your range, so they're easier to clean up
  • Porcelain steel cooking surface wipes clean in a flash
  • Removable oven door
  • 1-year full warranty means peace of mind

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range?

Timer part number 8507p194-60 for Amana AGR5835QDQ

The AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range uses timer part number 8507p194-60.

Do you have a failed Amana AGR5835QDQ control panel? Click here:

Request Appliance Timer Service

We can repair or replace your faulty Amana AGR5835QDQ timer.

AGR5835QDQ are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range

AGR5835QDQ Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel/top assembly Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Control panel/top assembly Parts diagram
Cabinet Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Cavity Parts diagram
Gas controls Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Gas controls Parts diagram
Door/drawer Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Door/drawer Parts diagram
Supplemental information Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Supplemental information Parts diagram
Wiring information Parts diagram
AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Wiring information Parts diagram

Common problems for Amana AGR5835QDQ Freestanding Gas Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your AGR5835QDQ timer-related problem.
Our oven is not coming up to temperature. If I set the oven to 350 degrees it will heat to approximately 200 and then the temperature readout will say 350. We need to put the oven on 500 to get it to heat up to 350 and then we can change the setting to 350 and it will stay at that temperature. The repair man has already changed out the computer board, the sensor and the ignitor and it's still not working. It's an Amana Model #AGR5835QDQ

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