Amana ACS4250AW Timer

Amana ACS4250AW Electronic Range/Oven Features:

Amana ACS4250AW Electronic Range/Oven
  • One 6 inch, one 7 inch, one 8 inch, one 6 inch/9 inch cooktop element
  • Four top burner hot indicator lights
  • Glass-ceramic spillsaver cooktop surface
  • Two oven racks, five rack positions
  • Porcelain broiler pan and grid
  • Extra-large oven viewing window
  • Interior oven light
  • Full-width storage drawer
  • Insta-BroilTM broiling system

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ACS4250AW Electronic Range/Oven?

Timer for Amana ACS4250AW Electronic Range/Oven

The ACS4250AW Electronic Range/Oven uses timer part number 77001240, 0315570, Y0315570 or erc3 0315570.

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Common ACS4250AW timer/clock/ERC problems

I'm trying to replace the mylar overlay on my Amana ovenoven. This overlay allows you to turn the oven on and off, set the temp, see the time, etc. My manual says to do this I need to remove the Control Panel Glass. Is this referring to the the top of the oven itself, you know, where the burners are located? If so, how is this done? Then after this is accomplished, how do I replace the mylar overlay?
top burners work, oven will not get over 100
My Amama oven with the push buttons on the front. My husband pused to turnon the oven it cracked the cover and now the oven wont turn off
My amana oven, ACS4250AW, oven and broiler won't heat up
No Bake or Broil on gas Amana. No voltage to either ignitor. Are there any hi limit fuses on this oven . I didn't see any.
Hi; my Amana ACS 3350AS has had a slightly temperamental touchpad ever since I've had it (for about 7 years). Now, when I turn the oven on, it will occasionally, after heating up, turn itself offcompletely, ie even the clock will reset itself. After some time (presumably after it has time to cool down), the clock will come back on displaying 1234 or 12 something). Today, however, it appeared to work fine (but I am obviously wondering whether or not it will act up during the holidays!) Please help!
It appears my oven and broiler are not getting any gas, the igniters work. rangetop works fine. I've read around and I'm leaning towards replacing the gas control valve, but I'm not sure if that's the problem. Any suggestions?

Schematic Diagram for Amana ACS4250AW Range

Amana ACS4250AW Range Schematic Diagram
Click image to enlarge Service requests for Amana ACS4250AW Electronic Range/Oven Timer

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Massillon, OhioAmanaAmana ACS4250AW77001240N/Abottom burner element in oven will not heat in bake or any settingRepaired
amesbury, MassachusettsMaytagamana ACS4250AW77001240N/Aburned out when water leaked from cooktop into rangeAwaiting receipt of timer
Zeeland, MichiganAmanaACS4250AW77001240noneWill not bake or broilRepaired
Webster, WisconsinAmanaACS4250AWY0315570noneNo bake or broil. Verified voltage and neutral to board. Voltage coming out bake and broil terminals but not the double red.Repaired
Cashmere, WashingtonAmanaACS4250AWY0315570No failure codeThe temperature of the oven does not rise above 100 degrees. The repair man says "The primary electronic controller is no longer working". He also says the company that makes these controllers is out of business, so I'm out of luck. I just happened across your website while researching my dilemma and hope you can help. If so - I will sing your praises from the roof tops. I'm not sure about the part number- Y0315570. The manufacturing (P) number is 10494873CJ. Thanks, Darrell MoserRepaired
amesbury, MassachusettsMaytagamana ACS4250AWmaytag 0315570N/Aburned out when water leaked from cooktop into rangeAwaiting receipt of timer
FORT COLLINS, ColoradoAmanaACS4250AW31-315570-07-0Unable to readWater spilled on the stovetop. Probably dripped into the hole and onto the circuit board. Unit displays segments but will not operate oven or produce readable codes.Beyond Repair
amesbury, MassachusettsMaytagamana ACS4250AWwhilrpool y0315570N/Aburned out when water leaked from cooktop into rangeAwaiting receipt of timer
Waterloo, IllinoisAmanaACS4250AW315570N/AOven will not operate,all other funtions appear normal.Repaired
Roanoke, VirginiaAmanaACS4250AW77001240oven & broiler will Broiler has not worked for a year. Now, neither the oven nor broiler will start heating. I found that 2 relays have broken/melted/desoldered joints to the board. Resoldered both but still did not work. Then, determined that the Line Break Relay is failed open. Also, a resistor that connects the LBR N.C. contact to ground is also failed open.Repaired
Loganville, GeorgiaAmanaACS4250AW77001240NoneOven will not heat up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Springfield, OregonAmanaACS4250AW77001240N/AThe bracket that holds the time in place and the two components together is broken. I glued it together with epoxy adhesive once but it has broken again and needs to be replaced.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mobile, AlabamaAmanaACS4250AWUnknownN/AOven will not heat pass 100.Repaired
Cleveland, OhioAmanaACS4250AWY0315570noneoven will not heat (bake or broil)Repaired
CLOVIS, CaliforniaAmanaACS4250AWY0315570Timer is deadTimer is completely dead after an outageAwaiting receipt of timer
Auburn, WashingtonAmanaACS4250AWY0315570N/AThere is no power to the bake element from terminal E1Awaiting receipt of timer
Clinton, North CarolinaAmanaACS4250AW0315570n/aWhen I turn on my oven, it will not heat over 100 degrees. I have had no previous issues with this oven.Repaired
SPRINGFIELD, MassachusettsAmanaPACS4250AW77001240n/aBroiler doesn't work. Bake element is fine. Tested element and it is fine. Tested voltage at the element when on and it reads at zero even though I hear the control clicking on. Wires appear to be fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Grass Valley, CaliforniaAmanaACS4250AW Serial #11359456CR0315570mylar broken on up aDo you have a replacement in stock?
Mine works except the mylar front panel is ripped straight through to the controls.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Kennett Square, PennsylvaniaAmanaACS4250AWY0315570lightening damageFailure following a lightening strike in which several electronic devices were damaged. Electric cook top works, oven timer/controls do not.Beyond Repair
Greenville, South CarolinaAmanaACS4250AW77001240NoneTimer "clicks" and will not allow oven to heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Redmond, WashingtonAmanaACS4250AW77001240N/AOven will not bake or broil. Clock works fine, all buttons work. When set to pre-heat, it just sits at 100.Repaired

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