Amana ACS3350AS Timer

Amana ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven Features:

Amana ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
  • One 5,000/4,000 BTU, one 9,100/8,000 BTU and two 12,500/10,000 BTU burners
  • Insta-BroilTM infrared heat element
  • TouchmaticTM Electronic Oven Control
  • Extra-Large Viewing Window
  • Removable Full Width Storage Drawer
  • Interior Oven Light
  • Two oven racks
  • Self-Cleaning Porcelain Oven
  • Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid

Common ACS3350AS timer/clock/ERC problems

Error code displayed on screen

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: If the oven is plugged in for more than a couple minutes, it makes a beeping sound and error code F3 is displayed on the screen.
Resolution: Repair the clock oven control board

Display is dead

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: Amana ACS3350AS gas range display does not show anything and seems to be dead.The on/off light switch as well as the gas ignitor for top burners are working fine
Resolution: Main display control board has shorted and will need to be replaced

Control panel goes off

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: The heat from the oven makes the control panel display go off
Resolution: This is caused by a bad ERC/Clock on the range. Clock should be repaired by an experienced technician.

Fingers went through control panel

Manufacturer: Amana
Model: ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven
Description: The control panel needs to be replaced because my fingers went though the display and it no longer works.
Resolution: This needs to be replaced with part number 31944801

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven?

Timer part number 31944801 for Amana ACS3350AS Range

The ACS3350AS Electronic Range/Oven uses timer part number 31944801.

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Schematic Diagram for Amana ACS3350AS Range

Amana ACS3350AS Range Schematic Diagram
Click image to enlarge Service requests for Amana ACS4250AB Electronic Range/Oven Timer

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Jefferson City, MissouriAmanaACS3350AS31944801unknownPlastic case heated and warped out of shape. Unknown if heat damaged circuit board please bench test.Repaired
AUDUBON, New JerseyAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AF7 THERMISTOR ALREADY REPLACEDAwaiting receipt of timer
Fountain Valley, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3Will not hold Temp F3 CodeRepaired
Jefferson City, MissouriAmanaACS3350AS31944801unknownPlastic case heated and warped out of shape. Unknown if heat damaged circuit board please bench test.Repaired
Littleton, ColoradoAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AThe oven would turn off when it was at 400 or above after aroudl 30 minutes. The clock would go blank and you would have to wait to start the oven again. You can't cook anything over 1 hour without the oven going on and off.

Could you also look at the touch screen, there is a crack on the "oven off" square. Can this be repaired?
Silver Spring,, MarylandAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/Aoven works for a little while and then shuts off, it needs to be hit to make it work again, some times it takes hours before it can go back to work.Awaiting receipt of timer
BROCKTON, MassachusettsAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/APLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS PART IS AVALIBLE OR IF IT CAN BE REBUILT PART # 31944801 EOC I also need the cost of it Thank You AnnAwaiting receipt of timer
Broadview Heights, OhioAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3Once the oven is turned on, either upon reaching temperature or shortly thereafter the unit displays an F3 error and shuts down. Oven cannot be turned on until unit has cooled. F3 refers to the oven thermocouple, but it was tested accurate. This model has an inherent problem with this module overheating from the online research I've done; hence the reason why Amana no longer has any of these parts in inventory and they were less than accomodating.Repaired
Zeeland, MichiganAmanaACS3350AS31944801NoneDisplay on clock goes off, will come back on by itself, when using oven the display will go off after 5 to 15 minutes and heat will usually go off when the display goes off. When display comes back on, it is blinking sometimes, other times it is not blinking but the time of day is no longer the correct time. You can repair this timer or send rebuilt timer, just make sure timer has black overlay on it.Repaired
AUDUBON, New JerseyAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AF7 THERMISTOR ALREADY REPLACEDAwaiting receipt of timer
Cranston, Rhode IslandAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/Aoven and broiler will not come onAwaiting receipt of timer
Jefferson City, MissouriAmanaACS3350AS31944801unknownPlastic case heated and warped out of shape. Unknown if heat damaged circuit board please bench test.Repaired
SANDY, UtahAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ATIMER WILL NOT STAY ON.Repaired
Grandville, MichiganAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ABake ignitor won't glowAwaiting receipt of timer
Avila Beach, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AOven control works fine for about 20-30 minutes then shuts off completely (shuts oven off too). There is no display and no buttons or functions work. After cooling down for about half an hour, everything starts working fine again; clock can be reset and oven turned back on. Problem then repeats itself after it heats back up.Repaired
Replaced with reconditioned timer
LONG BEACH, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ABUTTONS CAME OFFReplaced with reconditioned timer
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ASHUTS OFF AFTER 30 MINUTESReplaced with reconditioned timer
SANDY, UtahAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ATIMER WILL NOT STAY ON.Repaired
brooklyn, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3Howard,
Great talking with you. Please either refurbish mine or send a refurbished timer if you have it.
Felton, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AOven and timer will turn off randomly. Something doesn't seem to be connecting right.Repaired
Felton, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AThe plastic housing around this board (part of part number 31944801) is broken and needs to be replaced. The board itself works fine.Repaired
Grantsville, MarylandAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ATurn on oven when it heats up, shuts down & all lights go out on display. After it cools down at least 1/2 hour. display will lite up blinking lights.Repaired
jacksonville, FloridaAmanaACS3350AS31944801n/athe case is warped and will not correctly attach to the ovenRepaired
redwood city, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AOVEN WILL NOT CALL FOR HEAT- OTHER MODES OKRepaired
Jefferson City, MissouriAmanaACS3350ASMaytag #31944801unkHeat Damage to plastic case. Unknown if circuit board sustained damage please bench testRepaired
Saint Charles, MissouriAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311Blank outTimer blanks out when hot. Comes back on when oven cools down. Gets too hot to touch during bakeing.Awaiting receipt of timer
Portland, OregonAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311F5Buttons no longer function. Timer beeps continuously. Random lights flicker. Flashed -F5- once when CLEAN button was pressed.Repaired
Federal Way, WashingtonAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311N/AThis is physically broken. It's the case that's given up the ghost. It actaully does what it's supposed to. Prior owners just liked to push hard.Repaired
New Iberia, LouisianaAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311N/AAll of the lights are lit but nothing functions.Awaiting receipt of timer
CARPINTERIA CA., CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ABAD OFF BUTTONAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ABroken bracket. Please be sure the unit is shipped WITH a plastic bracket.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fresno, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AThe timer blanks out from time to time and also the housing is cracked and 2 mounting tabs are missing.Beyond Repair
Soda Springs, IdahoAmanaACS3350AS31944801unkTimer is dead, looks like due to overheatingRepaired
Shoreview, MinnesotaAmanaAmana ACS3350AS31944801N/AControl stops working (shuts off) once oven gets hot. Works again once oven cools down.Repaired
CARPINTERIA CA., CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ABAD OFF BUTTONAwaiting receipt of timer
Aspen, ColoradoAmanaACS3350AS31944801F4Oven shuts off unpredictablyAwaiting receipt of timer
NY, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS#31944801N/AThe bake function on the oven does not work. The clock still works as does the broiler. I had a service repairman assess that the problem is with the oven control board.

The part is no longer being made, as you are aware.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Campbell, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801F-3When the oven warms up it shows code F-3, I replaced the oven temperature sensor and all wiring looks good, It still comes up with the F-3 code when the oven warms up.Repaired
Eagan, MinnesotaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AControl Board Timer does not ignite gas ovenBeyond Repair
Burbank, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AControl panel turns off, while oven is in use.Repaired
Deerfield, New HampshireAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AScrew bracket will brokenAwaiting receipt of timer
Duxbury, MassachusettsAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3Oven preheats, then will run for anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour before flashing F3 and shutting off. Local technician felt it was the control board, which is no longer available from Amana.Awaiting receipt of timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaAmanaACS3350AS31944801none, just flashes ooven would run, and the clock display would flash, then, as time went by it would shut off after heating to desired temp it would shut off (no heat) and the clock display would flash off and on, and as time went on further, the display would shut off completely, then start flashing later. I can send mine if you want it, i just need a new one, thanksRepaired
Salt Lake City, UtahAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/Anone of the buttons work.Replaced with reconditioned timer
New York, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801shuts offOven turns on (any temp) and will stay on for approximately 45 minutes and then completely shut off. Digital window goes blank and clock and oven shut off. It can be turned on again once oven has cooled.Repaired
Morriston, OntarioAmanaAmana ACS3350AS31944801noneWhen bake mode is selected igniter comes on but gas does not.
Intermittent but fails most attempts - works maybe 1 in 20 attempts
Beyond Repair
Brooklyn, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AOven shuts off after 10 minutes or so after hearing up, takes about 30 mins to come back on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Corning, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3Beeping sound, oven shuts off and gives F3 error codeAwaiting receipt of timer
St John, IndianaAmanaAmana ACS3350AS31944801N/AIt's just dead - no code -no lights - no nothingBeyond Repair
Hondo, TexasAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3 F51st it would heat up and then not re-light. Now it would not heat up at all.
F3 and F5 codes were given
Evergreen, ColoradoAmanaACS3350AS31944801F-3F-3 error. Already replaces temperature sensor.Awaiting receipt of timer
New York, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/Aoven turns on (any temp) and will stay on for approximately 45 minutes and then shut completely off.
digital window goes black and clock and oven shut off. It can be turned on again once oven has cooled.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Fowlerville, MichiganAmanaACS3350AS31944801-F3-Oven is slow to reach desired temp. Oven intermittent shuts off with -F3- code. Temp sensor has been replaced 2 times with no results.Repaired
Chicago, IllinoisAmanaACS3350AS31944801blankMy oven will bake for approx 10-15 minutes before the digital control display goes blank and the oven shuts off. The panel will not respond to any button inputs during this time. After a cooldown period, the display will come back on and the oven can be used again. The digital clock loses time while the display is off. I had a factory authorized service technician inspect the oven; he said the control panel (timer?) is bad and new parts are no longer available. The oven was purchased in 2003.Repaired
Denton, TexasAmanaACS3350AS31944801n/aPotentially two problems:
1. After lightning strike, oven does not function. Timer has no display, no buttons have any visible or audible effect. Stove top burners and oven light function normally.

2. Prior to the lightning strike, we always had problems with the oven and were looking at replacing the timer anyway (after testing/repairing temperature sensors etc.). When heated, the oven would often stop functioning, showing usually error code F-2, but occasionally others (F-1, F-5). After cooling off for a while, the oven would function normally.

We learned that ensuring that the oven door was completely closed, placing a heating pad in the gap between the top of the door and the stove top directly below the timer, and/or placing ice on the stove top directly over the timer would delay the issue, sometimes long enough to cook something normally, but were looking to try a new/repaired timer in case it corrected this issue anyway.
Staten Island, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3If the oven is plugged in for more than a couple minutes, it makes a beeping sound and error code F3 is displayed on the screen.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bar Harbor, MaineAmanaACS3350AS31944801-F3-ItAwaiting receipt of timer
Hondo, TexasAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3 F51st it would heat up and then not re-light. Now it would not heat up at all.
F3 and F5 codes were given
New Orleans, LouisianaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/Aat high temperatures, electric will turn off after about 20-30 minutes. after stove rests, oven can be turned back onAwaiting receipt of timer
KINDERHOOK, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3When the oven is on it starts beeping and F3 shows up. The oven turns off by itself.Repaired
West Jordan, UtahAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3F3 error. Oven turns on and then shuts off after about 30 seconds.Awaiting receipt of timer
Auburn, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3We get F2 and sometimes F3 error codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Locust Valley, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AThe control panel needs to be replaced because my finger went though the display and it no longer works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Rockville, MarylandAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3When the oven reaches 380-400F the controller shows error code F3 and beeps loudly. Sometimes this does not happen and the oven works fine but this is on rare occasions. I have checked the oven sensor, it works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
STATEN ISLAND, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801F1OVEN DISPLAY F1 WHEN OVEN IS ONAwaiting receipt of timer
staten island, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/Aoven works temporarily then display goes blank and oven turns offAwaiting receipt of timer
Tahlequah, OklahomaAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AThe heat from the oven makes the control panel display go off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonAmanaACS3350AS31944801.N/AOven turns off after heating up. This has happened numerous times.Awaiting receipt of timer
Gardena, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31944801n/aSame As a few other people with the EXACT problem I'm having..

Oven shuts off after variable amount of time, at variable temperatures. Electronic time and temperature display disappears - screen is blank. Repeatedly pressing buttons will eventually bring the display back and restart the oven, sometimes this takes up to half an hour or so. It doesn't seem to matter which buttons are pushed.

When this began months ago it was an intermittent problem and seemed to happen at higher temperatures or when the oven was on for a longer period of time. Now it seems to happen every time the oven is used, within 20 minutes or so of starting it, and at any temperature.

The gas range works fine - it's only the oven.
Awaiting receipt of timer
New York, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801no code/just deadAs oven is heating up the clock/timer will turn off. No error code, just goes dead. It will sometimes come back on after a bit, but will do the same thing when the oven is turned on again. It is now just dead. It has not urned back on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Circle Pines, MinnesotaAmanaACS3350AS31944801(Blank screen)This control panel has had persistent problems with going blank (due to overheating we suspect).Repaired
Los Osos, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS793360NAOven heats up and shuts off periodically - front panel goes blank as well. After a short time, the panel comes back on, showing the time (delayed).

If you have one in stock, that would be great. If not, I'd like to get mine repaired if possible.
Gustine, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311N/ABlanks out when warm.

Also need new overlay.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Staten Island, New YorkAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311F9Would to purchase a new timerAwaiting receipt of timer
LONG BEACH, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350ASnot surenonewhen i press on the touchpad, it is lose from the inside. there is light on it but it does not respond. seems like the clock is working. The rest of the oven works well, just not the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Severance, ColoradoAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0f3Oven pre-heats,but shuts off. Sometimes "F3" is on the display and oven will not preheat.Repaired
Clinton Township, MichiganAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0nonePanel will go out completely at first while oven heated for 10 to 20 minutes. Tap it and it would come back on to set temp again. Over and over this would occur. Now the clock is going off while not cooking. Tap it and it comes back on as well but flashing.Repaired
Dallas, TexasAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0F-3When oven gets hot f-3 code appears oven shuts down. I had repair man test other part temperature probe, ect, he determined the control board was bad.Repaired
Midland Park, New JerseyAmanaAmana ACS3350AS31944801 // AP4041311N/AOven heats up but shuts off unexpectedly after it is hot for a while. It will turn on again but will always shuts off again after heating up again.Repaired
Shoreview, MinnesotaAmanaAmana ACS3350ASAmana p/n AP4041311N/AControl stops working (shuts off) once oven gets hot. Works again once oven cools down.Repaired
chatsworth, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350ASPS79785none.After heating oven up, display goes black and oven shuts off. cool air fan is working. After cooling down, control works again, clock still shows the time at shut-off. checked/re-seated all connectionsAwaiting receipt of timer
St Paul, MinnesotaAmanaACS3350ASPS79785N/AThe original timer has failed. I need a new one.Awaiting receipt of timer
Greenwich, ConnecticutAmanaACS3350ASPS79785F3oven turns off and f3 is displayed on timer. I replaced the sensor; to no availAwaiting receipt of timer
San Diego, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350ASPS79785n/aTimer wont ignite oven or broilerRepaired
Chicago, IllinoisAmanaACS3350ASWhirlpool MFG Part Number 31944801No codeThe board is "squishey"...meaning that the button (when pushed) do no engage...especially the "oven off/cancel" buttonAwaiting receipt of timer
Skiatook, OklahomaAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0 108-00969-81 030142194NoneTimer goes blank as oven heats up, then comes back on after oven cools down.Repaired
Oxnard, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS31742701BUnknownBoard stamped by Invensys Appliance Controls, Date Code: 30-03. Oven begins preheating, but before it reaches temperature the clock starts to blink, After a while it shuts off. Restarting the oven repeats the same pattern.Repaired
Chicago, IllinoisAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0noneNo F codes, but oven nor broiler work when turning them on. controller clicks as usual enagaging relay, but no glow at ignitors nor gas flow. orange lcd shows 100F, oven on...but then NOTHING. clock/cook time, etc.. all work. I replaced oven glow plug ignitor a year ago.. been working fine until now. no volage at the glow plug wiring when oven commanded on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Pawtucket, Rhode IslandAmanaACS3350ASAP4041311n/aOven and display intermittently cut out. Display is cracked. Seems pretty clear it's due to the bent door allowing heat to escape and cook the ERC and display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Stamford, ConnecticutAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ANo display, cannot use oven.Repaired
Trabuco Cyn, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS631944801f3oven turns off after about 1 hour , not always but generally when the oven has been on a few hours of baking sometimes it turns off within an hour . I can turn it back on sometimes sometimes F3 code comes on and the clock flashes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Massena, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AMy fingers went through the display. The unit seems to still work properly. Please replace the membrane as well if you can repair the part.Repaired
Blue River, OregonAmanaACS3350AS793360N/AOven control board is not working. Face panel got very hot, then quit working - there was no digital display and it was not responsive to input. Somewhat later the clock reappeared (with a delayed time) but the rest of the panel is still unresponsive.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tigard, OregonAmanaACS3350AS31944801Shuts itself offAfter oven is on for 10-15 minutes, it shuts itself off and have to wait for it to cool down.Repaired
MONTREAL, QuebecAmanaACS3350AS31944801n/aOven Cancel button broken. Cannot stop oven (had to turn electrical breaker off for stove to stop).Awaiting receipt of timer
Grosse Pointe Woods, MichiganAmanaACS3350ASPS79785F3 (but display is sThe oven will not get hot/ sometimes shows code F3. There will sometimes be smoke from the display area. From what I've read online it's not the temp sensor (F3) but actually the control board (also the smoke)Awaiting receipt of timer
vancouver, British ColumbiaMaytagACS3350AS31944801F3F3 error codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Brooklyn, New YorkAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AOven turns off while cooking, screen goes completely blank like the power has been cut off. can temporarily restart after about 10 mins or so but will go off again once it gets hot.Awaiting receipt of timer
NORTHBROOK, IllinoisAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0noneOven shuts off during use and control goes black, after time display comes back on with flashing clockRepaired
Milltown, New JerseyAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3Oven wont stay on, error code, display panel blinks on and off or stays off.Awaiting receipt of timer
ARLINGTON, MassachusettsAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/AButtons no longer work. Oven doesn't turn on as a result.Awaiting receipt of timer
Orland Park, IllinoisAmanaACS3350AS31-31944801-0N\ATimer turns on with no error code, but oven, broiler and shelf clean do not work. I replaced the igniter/glow thingy and still not working. I tested the old and new igniter in 120v outlet and they work. So I disconnected the igniter and attached multimeter and turned on oven and I got no reading. I also tested the outlet where the stove plugs into with multimeter and it works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
santa fe, New MexicoAmanaACS3350AS31944801F3 and now key failucustomer first noted F3 with beeper continuous - never tried cancel key just hit breaker as user guide suggests... symptom repeated...
i pre-heated to 240 then 325 then 350 and at 350 control at some point no longer lit bake lights and temp set/read - - i hit bake again and got the F3 but i hit oven cancel instead of breaker and control continued to work... dissembled to re-seat temp sensor wiring and re-assembled but this time the key strokes wouldn't always take and i couldn't use the up down keys in clock mode but were ok in bake... then the key strokes began to work less and less...
Awaiting receipt of timer
Howell, MichiganAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ATimer fails and oven will turn off, timer goes black, can push buttons randomly and sometimes it comes right back on. There is no logic to why it happens. Sometimes right away and other times not at all. Call my mobile with questions Craig Fisher 586-839-6328Repaired
Merlin, OregonAmanaACS3350AS31944801CONTROL SHUTTING DOWOven shuts down after 45-60 minutes in use. Repair guy says it is the control shutting down. This is a gas range. I need to make sure what parts need to be repaired or sent.
Thank you,
Regina S
Awaiting receipt of timer
FLINT, MichiganAmanaACS3350AS31944801N/ATimer does not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
Burlingame, CaliforniaAmanaACS3350AS024-00173-04Controls don't work.Controls don't work. Will not start the oven igniter. Clock does blink.Repaired

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