Maytag A606S Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Maytag A606S Washer?

Timer part number 203182 for Maytag A606S

The A606S Washer uses timer part number 203182.

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A606S are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool A606S Washer

A606S Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Front view Parts diagram
A606S Washer Front view Parts diagram
Rear view (original & series 01) Parts diagram
A606S Washer Rear view (original & series 01) Parts diagram
Control panel (original & series 01) Parts diagram
A606S Washer Control panel (original & series 01) Parts diagram
Top cover up Parts diagram
A606S Washer Top cover up Parts diagram
Front panel removed Parts diagram
A606S Washer Front panel removed Parts diagram
Power unit & center assembly Parts diagram
A606S Washer Power unit & center assembly Parts diagram
Agitator & accessories Parts diagram
A606S Washer Agitator & accessories Parts diagram
Brake & clutch assembly Parts diagram
A606S Washer Brake & clutch assembly Parts diagram
'poly' pump Parts diagram
A606S Washer 'poly' pump Parts diagram
Diverter valve Parts diagram
A606S Washer Diverter valve Parts diagram
Motor mount, base frame & centering sprs Parts diagram
A606S Washer Motor mount, base frame & centering sprs Parts diagram
Water valve assy. Parts diagram
A606S Washer Water valve assy. Parts diagram
Water injection system, hoses & clamps Parts diagram
A606S Washer Water injection system, hoses & clamps Parts diagram
50 cycle conversion list Parts diagram
A606S Washer 50 cycle conversion list Parts diagram
Timer motors Parts diagram
A606S Washer Timer motors Parts diagram
Motor switches Parts diagram
A606S Washer Motor switches Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
KANATA, OntarioMaytagA606S2-4483N/AHi Mr. Simons: as per your email, enclosed herein is my timer, Part # 2-4483, for repair and the original replacement unit Part # 2-3182 for return. Thank you for your help here.
Jim Bain
Beyond Repair

Common problems for Maytag A606S Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your A606S timer-related problem.
washer will fill and wash clothes but only in warm cold setting will not fill in the cold water setting after water has drained from the wash cycle then there is nothing water will not fill enter the tub and i am not able to rinse the clothes any idea what is wrong?
Hello I have a Maytag Washer Model A512 The machine goes through a regular cycle OK - However, it DOES drains the water out during the rinse cycle, but does NOT drain the water out during the spin cycle. This seems to suggest that the pump is good and the hoses not blocked. During the spin cycle I still hear the motor agitating the clothes, but no spin. After it ends the faulty spin cycle and reaches the end of the full wash cycle, the clock jumps to the next cycle and the machine continues washing without stopping at the end of the cycle. It seems that the clock is not sending the proper message to the motor ? Please advise
Maytag A5000 Washer. Able to rotate Pulley and transmission. Agitator seems to be seized to drum; Caused belt to fry. Replaced belt but motor unable to start the agitator. Does this involve replacement of the transmission? or am I misdiagnosing? Is this worth repairing? Estimated cost? What parts are required? Can I do it myself?
Sensor for starting and stopping cold water does not work. Can you tell me wht part needs to be ordered?
Hello all. I have 20 something Maytag A482 top load washing machine. It has had the water control valve replaced last year and worked great until recently. It will not fill when the cycle knob is rotated to the start position. It does fill when the knob is moved to the rinse position and it spins as well as drains, however it will not agitate. When I pulled the control panel off, there was a grey wire that was not connected to the clock. I reconnected it and there was no change. It worked great up until recently and cant think of a reason why the wire was disconnected.
My GE air cond will not come on - but heating unit works fine -also fan runs when htr is on but will not operate on fan only selection is the ac separately fused? what could be the problem
The washer, when set on the "Extra Large" load size will not agitate during the wash cycle, however, it does spin and drain at this load setting. When selecting a smaller load size, the washer works during all cycles. Ideas on what may be causing this and possible fixes would be appreciated.
I own a Maytag A606S washing machine, and the spin cycle no longer works. I have attempted to fix it by replacing the two belts underneath, and new springs for the motor, but the problem is still there. The cycle starts, the motor starts, the tub spins about twice, and then it just shuts down. All the wires look to be in good condition, and connected where they should be. What can I do?
I have a Maytag clothes washer Model A606S bought in the early 1970's. I believe the serial number is XXXXX If you are Tom G responding our repair question and have serviced major appliances for 32 years, you no doubt are familiar with this model. It has worked wonderfully over the years, needing only a couple belt replacements, which my husband installed. It continues to work fine except the clock (round dial/knob in middle) does not automatically advance to the next procedure and must be advanced manually. For instance, it fills and begins washing, but does not advance through the decreasing minutes, but must be manually moved to spin. I went to Maytag online and searched for the repair manual for this model, but the results were 0. Both my husband and I are very mechanical, but have not yet taken it apart. Is it fixable and how? Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX

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