Magic Chef 7858XVW Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Magic Chef 7858XVW Range?

Timer part number 7404P103-60 for Magic Chef 7858XVW

The 7858XVW Range uses timer part number 7404P103-60.

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7858XVW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Maytag 7858XVW Range, Whirlpool 7858XVW Range

7858XVW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Top assembly Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Top assembly Parts diagram
Internal controls Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Internal controls Parts diagram
Body-lower Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Body-lower Parts diagram
Oven-lower Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Oven-lower Parts diagram
Door/drawer Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Door/drawer Parts diagram
Door/drawer (ser. pre. 11) Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Door/drawer (ser. pre. 11) Parts diagram
Controls (upper) Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Controls (upper) Parts diagram
Door (upper) Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Door (upper) Parts diagram
Body (upper) Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Body (upper) Parts diagram
Oven (upper) Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Oven (upper) Parts diagram
Wiring information Parts diagram
7858XVW Range Wiring information Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Johnston, IowaWhirlpool7858XVW74002271temp, broilerBroiler won't set temp, and oven temp won't set.
If not repairable, I would like to replace it.
Johnston, IowaWhirlpool7858XVW74002271NoneReconditioned by you in last 30 days. When I reassembled the timer the buttons beep, but no display.Beyond Repair

Common problems for Magic Chef 7858XVW Timer

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When I push the start button, the motor struggles to get going. Most of the time I have to give the blower a little push (I've got the cover off) to get the motor to turn. While it turns, the drum rotates as it should. But as soon as I take my finger off the start button, the motor shuts off. (Or, if I hold it more than a few seconds, everything stops; a thermal protection device kicking in?) I noticed in the wiring diagram that the switch attached to the motor makes different connections when starting and while running, so I suspect the switch. But the fact that I usually have to assist the motor to start in the first place makes me think it's conking out. I've removed all the lint I can find, and the motor is clear. The other day I got the dryer going for a few loads with a blower push, and while it was running the heating system worked perfectly. But that evening the problem returned. So what do you think? Motor? Switch? While I'm in there, should I replace the belt? The dryer's 13
I have ordered Part #AP2673398 from (#6 in the range top diagram) and would like to know of any tricks to switching it out, for instance, any hidden clips or screws to remove face plate? Do I have to raise the cooktop?
How do I replace clock and oven control (part#12001607)?
Hi all, the serial # is M62004621. When I bought the house 2 years back, "as is", it was in a will and no one has any idea of the age of the dryer. It is currently working 'ok', but the clock sometimes does not work. Pretty sure it's not worth repairing, but wondering the age. Have an older model washing machine, too...need to get the #'s off the back of that...doesn't appear as old as the dryer, though.
magic chef double oven - model 7858XVW - top oven is not heating properly, the wire in the back is bent - what do I do?
I have a Magic chef oven model# XXXXX Everything works fine on on the oven it cooks fine and the clock works but the display goes blank intermittently. I replaced the clock and it seemed to stay on for a week or so but the display is again going out intermittently, what can be causing this to happen? Thanks Doug
Have Model 7858XVW, Ser. # XXXXX Double Oven Elec. oven. Upper oven self clean will not turn off even after 3 hrs. per Owner's Manual info.
I have a Magic Chef double oven range Model 7858XVW, Serial Number 27380162 -UK. The unit is pristine, bought new in 1999. Recently the upper oven control began to malfunction-regardless of settiing goes to 550 degrees and will not turn off without resetting the service breaker. After reset, the oven remains off if control not activated. Condition is repeatable. I have tried many sources to acquire the needed part, and all sources indicate it is not available! Part # XXXXX Mfg ID 6760G00078. What part can be used to repair this condition? Bob Willey XXX-XXX-XXXX XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
Magic Chef double oven Model 7858XVW bottom oven does not get hotter then 265F no matter what

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