General Electric XL44 Timer Repair

General Electric XL44 Range Features:

General Electric XL44 Range
  • Extra-Large Oven Capacity Provides a large oven interior ideal for cooking more items at once
  • All Purpose Burners Deliver a wide range of heat output ideal for most cooking requirements
  • Electronic Clock And Timer Features a convenient digital clock and easy-to-use timer with an audible signal to help coordinate cooking times in the kitchen
  • Standard Grates Provide a sturdy and convenient cookware surface for everyday cooking
  • Frameless Glass Oven Door Offers an easy-to-clean and stylish design that blends seamlessly into existing cabinetry
  • Standard Window Provides a convenient viewing area to check the progress of food

What is the timer/clock part number for the General Electric XL44 Range?

Timer part number ERC-14500-GE WB12K005 for General Electric XL44

The XL44 Range uses timer part number ERC-14500-GE WB12K005.

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Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Prince George, British ColumbiaIs not intermittent. There are no error codes. For several months now, with the oven temperature set up to 450F (I tested in 50F increments), the oven heats up to about 100F, displays the set temperature and then shuts off. May come back on eventually once it cools off. With the set point at 500F or above, the oven comes on, the display goes up to 495F and the oven stays on even when the temperature is well above 500F. During my test the temperature was almost 600F when I shut the oven off.

I have tested the RTD temperature sensor and the resistance is within the specifications.

In the past (not the last 2 years though) we have had intermittent error codes, which always went away and were not frequent. I believe the error code was F8 “Component failure within ERC affecting temperature processing circuits”. Since this code always cleared (typically after unplugging and plugging back in).

I have been told it is not repairable by Turner, so am now looking for a replacement. I believe there are a number of equivalent later models that should be compatible.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Farmingdale, New YorkTemp sensor replaced. F3 comes up can't program timer. F2 comes up. Timer beeps constantlyRepaired
CHICAGO, IllinoisLED display is getting dimmer & dimmerRepaired
Consul, SaskatchewanI had a flood in my basement while I was away a long time. humidity in my house was quite high over the summer. My stove igniters and lights work fine, but the control board does not power on at all. I'm looking for repair or replacement of control board.Repaired
La Grange, IllinoisPanel does not illuminate. It also happened in March, 2018
but worked after I removed contacts and reinserted them.

La Grange, IllinoisPanel does not illuminate. It also happened in March, 2018
but worked after I removed contacts and reinserted them.

Winnipeg, ManitobaThermostat function not working, will not turn element on when oven needs heat. A technician already checked the temp sensor and the element, advised that problem was with timer.Repaired
La Grange, IllinoisTimer is completely black. The burners light properly and so does the oven and range light.Awaiting receipt of timer
Long Beach, CaliforniaWarranty Repair- unit buzzing and screen dark. No response when any of the buttons pushed.Beyond Repair
Oxford, OhioRegularly get F1 flashing. After unplugging and replugging, occasionally works for a few minutes, then starts again.Awaiting receipt of timer
Etobicoke, OntarioSelection of BAKE, BROIL, or CLEAN does not work. A Sears repair person diagnosed the problem onsite in my home, as "the Timer does not trigger the relay to activate any of the BAKE, BROIL, or CLEAN selections".Repaired
Everett, WashingtonWhen oven is heating to temp: ex. 350, it is only about 200 degrees inside. Only way I can keep it heating up is to set it to 550 and turn down when it gets to the temp I want.
Have replaced the thermostat. When it is heating the ignitor turns on right away the the gas is lit.
Winfield, British ColumbiaThe oven lights but does not heat up to desired temperature. When set at 350 F, will only heat to approx 200 F. Oven temperature sensor was checked and is within specification and a repair person indicated that the timer control was faulty.Repaired
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanIntermittent. Oven fires, starts to heat, beeps & flashes F1. Shut oven off, turn back on, and it works again for awhile, then the whole process begins again.Repaired
South Bend, IndianaBeeping and flashing F-1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Stockton, CaliforniaStove Model # JGBP34GEP1AD - An oven control part replacement is not available anywhere in the U.S. When I phoned GE they gave me a control panel number of WB27T10330.
When you put in the oven control 350 degrees the control shows it has reached 350 in a very short time. My temp gauge that I put in the oven shows 170 degrees when the oven turns off. The oven control shows the heat has reached 350. The sensor has been tested and it shows 1070 om, thus it was not replaced with a new one.
clifton park, New YorkGE XL44 gas range - digital clock/timer/oven control display is black - no error codes, just went blank so I cannot turn on oven or set temps, etc.. Cooktop works fine. Part is "no longer made" according to other sites.

I do not know if you have a reconditioned control board for the above model - I am willing to return my control unit if you want to refurbish it.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Jersey City, New JerseyClock timer numbers are scrambled and the timer constantly buzzes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Metamora, MichiganContinual F1 code with beeping. Range has been sitting for approx. 10 years, unused in a dry basement. Burners are working. We were able to start oven once before beeping and code began.Repaired
Saskatoon, Saskatchewanplug in power cord. a minute later F1 code appears on display, pressing Clear/Off does not clear the code.

This controller is from a GE Gas range.
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for General Electric XL44 Timer Repair

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my ge xl44 gas oven(not self cleaning) smells like charcoal lighter fluid when I use any of the burners & the oven. I have used it for 11yrs w/o this smell but after my floors got tiled I got this odor. I have checked the line w/ soapy water-no bubbles & no smell along the gas line behind the range. I thought maybe it would burn off but it's just getting worse. The flames are blue sometimes flickers of yellow/ooven. Yes the tile was sealed but not under the oven so I don't know why this odor
ge xl44 gas oven 317b6034 Oven comes on ignitor glows, flames start, burn about 3/4 inch high back down to 1/8 inch. oven wont heat past 375 after an hour when set at 475. turning valve does not change flame size.
How do I raise the cooktop on a GE XL44 Self-Cleaning Gas oven? I've tried just lifting up on the cooktop without success. I don't want to make the problem worse by breaking something by following the "use a bigger hammer" approach. The reason for wanting to open the cooktop is that I am trying to follow the range's operator manual regarding what to do when the cooktop's eyes will light but the oven will not.
I have a GE Profile Spectra XL44 gas oven and rage. The oven works fine but the oven will not heat to a temperature over 100 degrees F. What do I need to do?
Hello my XL44 Self Cleaning Gas oven the Oven Control Features and clock Section aren't working? No Display Lights, Buttons do not function at all. Yet the Lights Work, Burners work??
ge xl44 gas oven beeping and code f1 what is the problem
My GE xl44 manual gas oven does not turn off I have removed the black knob and turned it and it still won't turn off
GE XL44 oven/broiler will not light "Select Your Expert" does not give Appliance option
I have a 16 year old GE XL44 which has a manual turn clock that keeps buzzing. My husband stopped it, but it is going off again. The manuals I am finding on-line have electric clocks which we don't have. Any suggestions to disconnect/stop manual clock from continuing to buzz all night? Thank you!
GE Profile Spectra XL44 The problem started when my wife ran the cleaning cycle on the oven and left some empty pots on the back burners. I think the pots trapped the head back there and damaged the keypad. You could see that the window to the clock was a little warped, and the display started beeping and showing the F7 error code. I could hit the clear button to get it to stop, but about a minute later it would start beeping F7 again. I read up on Lynn's similar problem over here: Lynn I turned off the power for an hour and it was the same way. I looked up here what I should do, and I saw that is probably the keypad or the controller. I unplugged the ribbon cable from the keypad to the controller, and the F7 stopped. This supposedly means that it's the keypad. I ordered a replacement keypad AP2035212 (WB57K10027) and a replacement controller AP2025074 (WB27K10007) just in case. I installed the new keypad with the existing controller and now I don't get the F7 error, but the digits on
I have a GE Spectra XL44 Gas oven that came with the house when we moved in about 4 years ago. I'm at the point where I think I need to replace it, but I want to find out if the problems are easily fixable, or if they're so expensive that I'd be better off just buying a new one. Here are the problems I'm having with it. 1) The range puts out a TON of heat when the oven is on. It ridiculous. You can barely stand over it. This problem has been that way since we first moved in, though, so I just figured that the range was cheap and inefficient. 2) The range takes a really long time to preheat. It has taken up to 45 minutes just to get to 400. This problem just recently started, though. 3) Something in the bottom burner for the oven is "sputtering" occasionally when it is in use. It sounds like a flame that can't stay lit and keeps trying to relight or something. This problem also just recently started (right about the time that the really long preheat problem started). 4) The right-rear b
suddenly one day oven is inop, digital display works fine, top burners work fine and broiler working. when try to start oven no heat and no pilot/ignitor. Any help? Bill
My problem is with my 10 year old gas oven, GE Profile XL44 JGBP30WEA2WW. The oven (bake) does not work. The igniter does not glow or even get hot. However, the broil functions just fine as does the cooktop. Given this, how likely is it that just the igniter is bad? I haven't done any continuity or resistance testing on the igniter, although I own a multimeter, I had a little mishap with it recently and the tip of one of the leads melted a bit, so I'm not sure I'd obtain an accurate reading with the damaged tip. I'm told that prior to its failure that it was exhibiting some quirky behavior (delay in lighting). This makes me think the problem lies with the igniter rather than an electronic or electrical component. I visually inspected the wiring to the igniter and everything appears to be in order down there. Any help appreciated. I'd like to pull the trigger on buying the igniter replacement but don't want to waste my time/money if that's not the most likely issue. J Justin
Worn face plate near knobs and back facing near the clock I have a GE profile spectra xl44 30'' oven, was here when i bought the house, i love it but the knobs are worn as is the face plate under the knobs, and the backing near the clock. Are there replacements for these parts so i can change it.
clock on front of oven does not work GE gas XL44 Is there a battery or what?
Nothing works at all in my oven. Worked fine the other day. It did not break while in use. All the top burners and igniters work. The bake, broil and self clean cycles do not work at all. There is no glow from either igniter at all. Also the oven cycle light quit working at the same time as the oven. That light always came on when oven was in use. The clock and clock work though. Any help appreciated.
GE XL44 Gas oven control panel frozen with only an "8" The digital control panel worked fine when we moved into the house. At some point, the display went blank, and has been for awhile. Today, secured all the breakers in the house to work on an outlet, and when I turned them back on, the control panel is lit up again, this time just with an "8". Pressing the clock and clock buttons, or +/- has done nothing to change it. Any ideas other than buying a new control panel control unit?
Our GE Profile Spectra XL44 (Model JGBP90MEB6BC) started having "F7" episodes. I followed the manual instructions (let it cool down, if still a problem unplug for 5 minutes, plug back in) to no avail. Then I found some help here suggesting it's either the controller or the keypad. I unplugged the ribbon from the keypad to the controller and plugged the oven back in...No error. From the logic provided me, this means that the keypad may be the problem. I ordered a new keypad for my model (Part #WB57K10048). AppliancePartsPros had it out to me within days. I was all ready to install it, had everything disassembled, when I realized that the ribbon for the new front panel is on the opposite side from the old panel. If I'm looking at the oven from the front when it's assembled, the old ribbon connects to the controller on the left side. The new panel, when installed with the buttons in the proper orientation (not upside down), has the ribbon on the right side. The ribbon is not long enough t
GE XL44 Gas oven JGBC15GER2. Can't see clock on range; very dim. Do I need to replace the clock/clock?