General Electric Washer WNSB8060B0WW Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the General Electric WNSB8060B0WW Washer?

Timer part number WH12X10138 for General Electric WNSB8060B0WW

The WNSB8060B0WW Washer uses timer part number WH12X10138.

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WNSB8060B0WW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

GE WNSB8060B0WW Washer

WNSB8060B0WW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Controls & backsplash Parts diagram
WNSB8060B0WW Washer Controls & backsplash Parts diagram
Cabinet, cover & front panel Parts diagram
WNSB8060B0WW Washer Cabinet, cover & front panel Parts diagram
Tub, basket & agitator Parts diagram
WNSB8060B0WW Washer Tub, basket & agitator Parts diagram
Suspension, pump & drive components Parts diagram
WNSB8060B0WW Washer Suspension, pump & drive components Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
hudson, New YorkAfter tub fill with water it's don't washing (thumble), But it's speen and drain water.Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for General Electric Washer WNSB8060B0WW Timer Repair

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This microwave is slightly over 1 year old and everything works fine except it will not heat food. clock counts down, turntable turns, etc but will not heat. Any help on what the problem could be?
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I replaced the Control Panel Asy. (Part# W10210864) and Microcomputer (Part# W10211457) to repair my microwave's F6 error Code and still get an F6 Code. My problem started when I noticed the Control Panel's outer box was not aligned with the oven's door (It was slightly higher). I tried to push it down and it wouldn't bulge, so I placed a board on its upper edge and tried to move it down by hammering the piece. When I connected the oven it read F6- Call for Service. After I replaced the two parts noted above, I connected the oven and the screen said to program the clock. I set the clock, closed the oven's door and the screen once again read F6. Any ideas or comments? Yes, I know, I shouldn't use a hammer to fix a microwave.
I have a GE washing machine WNSB8060B0WW. The tub will not spin. It starts to spin and then it makes a clicking noise and the it stops. It starts to spin for about 10 seconds. What is wrong.