Whirlpool Free Standing - Gas SF315PEPW1 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas?

Timer part number 6610441 for Whirlpool SF315PEPW1

The SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas uses timer part number 6610441.

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SF315PEPW1 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cooktop Parts diagram
SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas Cooktop Parts diagram
Backguard Parts diagram
SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas Backguard Parts diagram
Manifold Parts diagram
SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas Manifold Parts diagram
Chassis Parts diagram
SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas Chassis Parts diagram
Oven & broiler Parts diagram
SF315PEPW1 Free Standing - Gas Oven & broiler Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
LATHRUP VILLAGE, MI 48076-0471, MichiganOn touch, display unreadable characters and the oven does not work properly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Marysville, WashingtonAll the lights went out on the display....
Large frying pan up against backstop -- obvious heat damage to unit
Capacitor(?) 33SK250 ruptured, presumably causing a direct short; may have caused collateral damage
Incidental: plug P1 has broken snap hinge
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Whirlpool Free Standing - Gas SF315PEPW1 Timer Repair

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the button on the control display to adjust the heat for the oven does not work oven will heat but can't turn up the heat it used to beep when you press the button now you press nothing happens? i can turn the heat down but can't turn it back up...and the the clock button does not work it used to beep what can be the problem?
On oven control, push bake & start, a 10 minute warm-up starts with the igniter glowing brightly, at the end of the 10 min. the clock dings and the display shows 350 deg temperature setting, but no ignition. Waited a couple more minutes and still nothing. Unplugged the oven to see if it would reset it's self (5 Min) then tried again with same results. After a few minutes, I tried the old Army trick and tapped on the oven valve and behold there was ignition. Was this coinsidence or is the valve defective.
I need help....My whirlpool oven model# sf315pemt1 wont stay lit after i set the clock, then when I reset the clock it wont light at all, i thought it was the oven display but, after buying that at $178.00 it wasn't the problem... please help me,
whirlpool SF315PEPW1 oven/broiler won't work I baked a loaf of bread, shut the oven off, and when I went to bake another loaf an hour later the oven or broiler would neither one work. Do you have any suggestions? It is a Whirlpool model SF315PEPW1 gas freestanding oven.
range top is lighting and working. cannot get oven to ignite. trying to figure out if buying a gas valve or the igniter is the problem.
Question is, before i go out and just start ordering parts, could the problem be anything other than the switch (PN: AP2969256)? Ok, the oven ignites fine and all other burners ignite fine, just 1 burner ignites intermittently at best. i looked at the wiring and all the leads go back to a common tie point so no matter which knob you turn, both igniters fire on the cooktop at the same time except for the left front knob. Trying to fix this thing one time and be done with it. Any help would be appreciated.
Our oven/broiler stopped working this past week. The burners on top work fine but the oven/broiler will not come on. This was a gradual occurrence, we noticed over the past month that it would take longer and longer for the over to come on and start to heat up. Once it started to do so, it would rise in temp for some time, then go off again, sporadically going on and off. Sometimes it would stay on for the duration of the cooking time, but more and more so it stopped doing that. Turning one of the top burners on for a while seemed to get it going again, perhaps that was just by chance and it means nothing, I am not certain. Suggestions?
Hello i have a whirlpool oven model number sf315pepw1 oven burners do work properly, but oven will not light. When i try to operate the oven there is no gas flow or attempt at ignition. What could be the problem?
The ignitors (all 4) on Whirlpool SF315PEPW1 oven were lighting in sync and I could not get a burner to light. When I lifted the top, the wire was broken for the rf burner. All the clips were rusted. I unplugged the unit and removed all 4 ignitors. The Right rear ignitor is a different price? Why? I am told the other 3 ignitors are interchangeable except for length. Could it be that the spark module is defective?
Oven on my whirlpool gas oven will not start; burners work okay. I turned power off for 15 minutes -- I held the "cancel" button for five seconds and got "FOE0."
I have westinghouse gas range model SF315PEPW1 Oven will not light Were can I download instruction manuel??? Were to get reapirs in Richmond, VA???? Suggestions on firing oven??? Conway Moncure XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
I have a problem with a whirlpool gas oven mod# XXXXX that will not light in the oven. the top burners light just fine but at the bottom the ignighter will glow(it starts slowly to brighten up and seems to be a little weak) can it be bad although it is glowing. I show 120 v going to the oven valve. At this point I don't know if the ignighter is bad or the oven valve is bad.
replaced a hot surface ignitor in a oven , the unit now works ,but takes too long to light (getting a gas smell)..acts like ignitor is too far off manifold what is a desired distance between them