Whirlpool Oven RBS275PDQ6 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RBS275PDQ6 Oven?

Timer part number 4452240 for Whirlpool RBS275PDQ6

The RBS275PDQ6 Oven uses timer part number 4452240.

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RBS275PDQ6 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Oven Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ6 Oven Oven Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ6 Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ6 Oven Oven door Parts diagram
Internal oven Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ6 Oven Internal oven Parts diagram
Top venting Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ6 Oven Top venting Parts diagram

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We ran self-clean cycle 2 nights ago and it did it properly but hasn't heated up since. No error codes. Seems to act like its working (fan and clock and clock work) but both elements remain cold whether Bake, Broil or Self-clean. I tried throwing the circuit breaker for 10 minutes to see if it would reset but that didn't work. What could it be? Also trying to find a repair manual.
Hello - my wife and I just moved into a newer home about a week ago. Today we decided to bake some muffins in the RBS305PRS00 (note change from post info above) Electric Wall Oven, a bit older than 1 year. The oven was set for 350F and the front panel said that it was preheating - countdown clock showed 13 minutes, the fan came on. After 13 minutes the oven was stone cold, no errors - the front panel read "350F." Similarly there were no results on attempts to broil and self clean. I flipped the breaker back and forth and had the same result - but power is definitely getting to the oven since the front panel is on. Any thoughts?
I had set the oven to 375 to bake for 20 minutes. Left the room, when I returned the oven had switched to the self-clean cycle. Used the off/cancel to stop the cycle. Clean cycle stopped and was in locked position. Did this cycle for 10-15 min. then went back to self-clean cycle again. PF3 code showed - hit off/cancel again and cycle stopped. Oven was very hot to touch and was blowing out very hot air. After 10-15 min. did cool down and lock light went off. Time clock, inside lights, etc. working OK. Tried to use oven later and went thru pre-warm cycle, but heating elements never came on, was blowing cold air out thru vent. Could this be a thermostat problem?
Hi all, check here often for info
Oven will completely shut off (all power) after around 20 minutes of usage, whether on Bake or Broil. It will completely off (all power, even clock) for about 60 -90 after which it will come back on again. Not sure if it is microcomputer or control panel membrane. Any thoughts. I am told the micro computer is not longer available from Whirlpool and no substitutes. I was shocked to hear that...not that old. Any ideas? marty
We have a Whirpool oven Model # RBS275PDQ6. We put it on self-clean yesterday.This morning it is still on. It have gone through the cleaning cycle but will not stop cooling. We have shut off the power to it and let it sit for a while. However, once turned backon it locks again and continues cooling.
Have tried a few things after reading a few of the blogs & the oven still shows e1 f2. Have tried holding cancel button in for 60 seconds & the clock comes on & the oven will work for about 1 minute then goes back to e1 f2. If the keypad is working could it be the oven temperature sensor that is bad? Not sure how old oven really is as I bought it used.
Whirlpool Electric Wall Oven RBS275PDQ6 My oven temperature indicator will go backwards in temperature from 350 degrees even when I press the button to make it go up. It will heat fine and my broiler works on 500. It seems that my circuit board may have gone awry. Funny thing is I just self-cleaned the oven on Saturday and baked in it yesterday and won't go above 350 only downward no matter what I do.
Whirlpool Accubake Self Cleaning Oven... Model Number RBS275PDQ6 Had a Technician In, and they said that the Part Cannot be replaced because it was obsolete. It's the Control panel Assembly PN 4451334. Can u help me find this part? If you can, can you guide me in the install?
After a self clean (adjusted to 2.5 hr.) cycle on my Whirlpool RBS275PDB6 oven, the clock could not be set. When the clock button was pressed, the display continually asked for a stop time. A power cycle did not help. I tried running a full self clean cycle to see if that would help. After that, the temperature can only be adjusted downwards from 350 deg. Also, the clock "stop time" can only be set downwards. When you press the clock button, the light comes on. There is no error code flashing. A call to Whirlpool resulted in a request to power cycle the unit. This has proved ineffective. Any ideas would be appreciated. Hopefully, this can be fixed with some kind of a hard reset and without having to buy a $300+ panel.
Our Whirlpool oven has stopped working. The blower runs all of the time but when you select bake it just says 350 and does not go into a pre heat cycle and does not heat up. This failure occured after our power company changed the electric meter so when the power came back up, the oven did not work. I opened up the front panel and checked all resistances listed in the service document in the oven. The broiler element was 18 Ohms which is different than what is listed but seems correct based on the power. The blower was resistance was off what was listed as well but it is running all the time and runs and sounds fine. There are no error codes on the controller. It seems like the controller to me and I ordered one from this site but I thought I would post to see if anybody has this problem or has suggestions.
how to adjust door (will not shut properly) on a whirlpool wall oven (self cleaning). Thank you
I have Model RBS275PDQ6 Oven. When I push the Bake setting it displays Broil at the 500 setting, just as it does when I push Broil. I am wondering if it means that my Bake element on the bottom has failed? Would there be another reason? If so what? Thanks.
I have a Whirlpool Model #RBS275PDQ6 when I hit the touch pad for Bake the oven goes to Broil. Broil is the only option that will come up. I would like to at least find a schematic to see if it is the printed circuit board or the touch pad that is bad. Any help would be appreciated.