General Electric Electric Wall Oven JKP45 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the General Electric JKP45 Electric Wall Oven?

Timer part number WB27K5210 for General Electric JKP45

The JKP45 Electric Wall Oven uses timer part number WB27K5210.

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JKP45 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
JKP45 Electric Wall Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Oven body Parts diagram
JKP45 Electric Wall Oven Oven body Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
JKP45 Electric Wall Oven Oven door Parts diagram
Door lock Parts diagram
JKP45 Electric Wall Oven Door lock Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Lebanon, OhioI have a photo I can e-mail of the timer. When you turn the oven on, the temperature indicator lights with the usual three bars while it waits for a temperature to register and display. The oven does not warm up and the display goes dark after a few minutes. This happened on the upper oven a couple years ago and now it just happened on the lower oven.Repaired
Lebanon, OhioOn both ovens, the oven will not warm up but the temperature indicator comes on as normal waiting for a temperature to register but then goes dark in a few minutes. This happened first on the upper oven and lately on the lower oven.Repaired
Richardson, TexasUpper oven bake element in this double oven is not working (although bake and broil work fine in bottom oven) and digital display is very dim.Beyond Repair
Ashton, Marylandoven will not turn on to heat. minute timer still works.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Farragut. TN, TennesseeOven does nothing with power to unit onAwaiting receipt of timer
Allen, TexasCurrent timer went out after oven was turned off for about a week. Tried to reset by turning power off for five minutes and when power is back on it flashes very dim and then goes out again..Awaiting receipt of timer
CAMP HILL, PennsylvaniaF1 error code. After reset and unplugging ribbon cable F1 error code returns indicating control board failure per technical data sheet procedure.Repaired
Bloomfield Hills, MichiganTop oven was not coming to temperature in bake mode.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Gaithersburg, MarylandF1 and beeping came on, but seems to be just the upper oven side of the control board that is affected. tried to run the lower oven and when it got to about 200 degrees the F1 code came on again.Repaired
Coto de Caza, CaliforniaUpper oven does not heat except for broil feature. Lower oven controls seem to work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fort washington, MarylandF2 code and alarm comes on even when ovens are off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Salt Lake City, UtahDigital readout was very dim, now it's unreadable.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cherry Hill, New JerseyBoth ovens do not work. F1 code appears with beeping sound about 30 seconds after setting temperature.Repaired
Wilton, ConnecticutI was getting intermittent F1. I unplugged the ribbon and the code seems to have gone away. However now the lower oven is not working- turns on but goes off after about a minute of heating and the LEDs go dark. Then I can start it again. No code.
The lower oven door light switch is working intermittently (I adjusted inside to try and fix) and I will be replacing it. Not sure if there is any relationship.
I looked carefully at the control unit and the F9 relay (lower oven) does not seem to stay closed when the bake button is pushed- it moves but does not stay. The F6 relay (upper oven) does close properly when the bake button is pressed.
Do you think this would be a timer problem or a relay problem?
Awaiting receipt of timer
Issaquah, Washingtondisplay is dimBeyond Repair
Walnut Creek, CaliforniaRef. inv. 102585, 5/16/2011, sorry to report upper oven no longer works. Touch panel for upper oven functions 30 seconds only and heating element stays cold. Malfunction code no. does not appear.

Lower oven works fine. Please confirm your warranty coverage and provide shipping instructions. Thank you.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Huntington, New YorkWhen power is put to oven the F1 failure code comes on after about 30 seconds and stays on until I push the Clear/Off button. F1 failure code then comes back after about 30 seconds.Repaired
Chula Vista, CaliforniaLower oven doesn't work. Alarm sounds constantly. Can clear alarm, but sounds again after a few seconds.Repaired
Ann Arbor, MichiganLower oven does not turn on. For about three months, lower oven would turn on but then turn off after heating for a little bit. Upper oven works fine.Repaired

Common problems for General Electric Electric Wall Oven JKP45 Timer Repair

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Top oven just stopped working the other day out of the blue. Bottom Oven works just fine. Top oven (broil and bake elements) will not heat at all. Self Clean will not work either. The clock and display work just fine. When you press bake and set the temp and you can hear a click to start the elements but no heat (you hear a click under normal use even when it cycles the elements on and off while maintaining proper temp and upon startup). About another minute later another click and so forth. The display just shows 100 degrees, normal starting display temp.
My GE jkp45 double oven's top door is locked after self cleaning (24 hours ago). The Locked Door light is flashing. I've shut off and restored power. But no change?
I have a GE double wall oven, model JKP45B - A3BB. The power is on. I turned the bottom oven on, the LED display says on but the element does not get hot. There is nothing wrong with the element. The upper oven works just fine. Is there an internal cut-off switch? How can I turn it back on? If not, what can the problem be?...and how do I correct it?
GE Electric Double Oven JKP45 will not heat on the upper oven. When I turned it on BAKE for 400 degrees. It went to 160 and quit heating. Now it won't heat at all.
I have the GE double oven JKP45 and the lower oven will no longer heat at all
LED very dim on control panel JKP45
model JKP44 or JKP45 self cleaning oven won't open after cleaning
My GE JKP45 Double oven top oven doesnt heat up - bake or broil. All controls - electrical are fine. Bottom oven works fine.
GE double oven jkp45 has a self cleaning feature. Used it on the lower oven and now the lower oven won't heat. I use bake 350 and it starts but doesn't go past 107. Had a similar problen 3 years ago and a service man came out and reset the hi-limit, tested it and it worked properly. Unfortunately I did not see how he did it. Is it just some combination of keys on the control pad? This electric oven is about 9 years old.
GE JKP45 double wall oven shuts off Oven shuts off at higher temps.Panel goes dark, clock goes out, elements stop heating. Will stay on at around 200 degrees for hours on end. Turn it up over that, after a period of time it will shut off. Bottom seems to be more tolerant especially if top oven is opened for ventilation. Oddly enough my wife slapped the control panel and it came back on. Might have been coincedence though. Self cleaning function does the same, it gets to about 375-400 and shuts off. 20 minutes later after the oven cools down it comes back on. Any help??
The oven is stuck at LOC. The oven is stuck at LOC. that happened after self clean. I can open the doors, but the Broil or Bake does not work. Only the clock, clock and light works. Anything I press the indicator says LOC. If I press broil and Bake together it gives me SF or 5F. Need n advice please. I turned off and on the power, I left it 24 hrs, nothing. Thank you very much
Ge Electric Double oVen Model # JKP45WP -- Ovens work intermittingly - go on work for a few days - then we get a constant beeping noise and the ovens won't work - clock is on - but ovens won;t turn on - turn circuit breaker off to reset - sometimes it works - sometimes not -- any Ideas what it could be and a solution
My top oven won't turn heat up at all, but the bottom one and the clock work fine. When I try to turn on the top one, it looks like it is going to heat up, but after a minute or so, the screen just goes back to the clock and the oven itself is still cold. Could this be the control panel when only one oven isn't working?
Front panel with the clock settings is dim. Can the display be brightened on the clock area as it appears dim. Otherwise how does one replace the light?
I have a model JKP45 double oven (Actual model is jkp45wopjwg and SN is tf6887360) . It keeps "beeping" showing a code of "F1" what does this mean? I turned the oven off and it starts back up beeping. I held in the "Cancel" button until it beeped and that did no goood. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.