General Electric Electric Oven JKP15 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the General Electric JKP15 Electric Oven?

Timer part number WB27T10063 for General Electric JKP15

The JKP15 Electric Oven uses timer part number WB27T10063.

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JKP15 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
JKP15 Electric Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
JKP15 Electric Oven Body Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
JKP15 Electric Oven Door Parts diagram
Door lock Parts diagram
JKP15 Electric Oven Door lock Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Mattapoisett, Massachusettsshuts off after 45 minutesRepaired
Derwood, MarylandBaking element heats constantly, even if no temp is requested. the only way to stop it is disconnect at the breaker.Repaired
Baton Rouge, LouisianaMy oven will start to preheat and sudden,y completely power off . Sometimes it will restart and clock will blink, and sometimes it will just stay powered completely off unless I bump or hit face plate. Then it will power up temporarily.Awaiting receipt of timer
Murphy, TexasThe display works all the time but the timer and heat goes out after a while in operation.Repaired
Monroe, OregonCode F7 and continuous beeping. No response to any button pushes. When I cycle power using the breaker, still no response to any button pushes. F7 code shows up after a couple of minutes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tumwater, WashingtonOven operates normallly until F7 code. Sometimes it produces F7 code without any demand to heat. Seems to become more frequent once heat is generated.Awaiting receipt of timer
Palm Bay, FloridaBaking/Lower coil will not turn off and must be stopped at the circuit breaker box.Repaired
Leo, IndianaError code, over turns off, oven will not turn on may have been user problem one timeAwaiting receipt of timer
Lincoln University, PennsylvaniaOven baking would not turn off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lincoln University, PennsylvaniaOven baking would not turn off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kingston, Rhode IslandCode F0- no response. Went through power down to confirm not keypadAwaiting receipt of timer
Phoenix, Arizonaerror code : F8
Does not respond to any input
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for General Electric Electric Oven JKP15 Timer Repair

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Hi - I have a GE True Temp Oven and have never had problems with it since the house was built in 2000. It will not heat up when I turn it on. I push "Start" and I hear the little click, as if it is on but it doesn't heat up. What do you think is wrong with it? The last time I used the oven to cook was a couple weeks ago. Thank you for your time. Kim
My neighbor and I both have a G.E. True Temp model JKP15 WOAI. During cooking they just turn off. What part number do we need to fix this problem?
The FAN and venting system of my GE microwave (PVM1870SM1) stopped working after 1 week. Its just making sounds. What should I check?
I have a GE Electric Built-in oven (Model JKP15, JRP15 or JTP15) that is giving a function error. I think that it is F2. It was installed in 1999. The upper heating element appears to be stuck on. I have shut it off at the breaker box and it does the same thing when I turn it back on. I have tried to clear it but nothing seems to work. Is there something that I can do to fix this or is it time to call for service.
I have a GE electric over, purchased in 1994. Model is JKP15 or 24. The clock function is telling me it has an F-1 failure. Can you help me with this? Thanks Scotty Robertson XXX@XXXXXX.XXX
The Touch Panel and Control on my GE wall oven, model JKP15, has quit working. In the past, the oven turned off and the display showed an F3 code. For the past three years, I removed the panel and cleaned the connector ribbon. Last week the oven went into "self-cleaning" mode and the door latch started to close. I caught it before the door was completely locked. I cleaned the connector ribbon again and turned off the breaker but nothing worked. I am debating whether to repair or replace my oven. I have been given a quote by a reliable repairman of $471 to replace the Touch Panel and Control. A new oven costs about $1,000. (I am looking at "simple" GE, Frigidaire and Maytag non-convection ovens without a temperature sensor.) I have a space limitation and am concerned that a new oven would not fit into the tight space my current oven fits in. What would you recommend regarding repair? What brand name would you recommend if I choose to replace my oven?
My GE oven (10 yrs old; model JKP15/JRP15/JTP15/JTP17) is not always heating up quickly and to the right temp. Can't the problem only be either be the heating element(s) or the thermostat? Secondly, if I suspect the thermostat, can it be changed easily and inexpensively?
GE Built-in Oven, Electric, Owner's Manual JKP15, JRP15. JTP15, oven approx 9 years old. right in the middle of a bake job at 350F the oven indicator panel flashed "F7". Checked Troubleshooting tips in manual (p.22), posible cause is a function code. I followed instructions by shutting down power at the outside fuse box, then switched on again, still showing "F7" every 30 seconds. Left off, over night to cool oven, after turning on again, another "F7"! What can I do?
F-7 Code
This is a GE Profile built in electric oven (approx. year 1998). When oven is set to Bake at 350, it comes up to set temperature, maintains it for about 1/2 hour, then F3 error code. Replaced oven temp sensor unit. Still receiving F3 under same conditions. I think next step is to replace the oven control (ERC). Mfg. part # is WB27K5273, now referenced to new part # WB27T10265. Your item # is AP3141629 (oven control). QUESTIONS: Is the oven control part the next step to try? The configuration of the part is different than the original, so it will probably require some custom wiring. Does the part come with a wiring diagram/instructions? If so, could I get a copy of this before I purchase the part?
Help needed please. I have a GE Profile Oven (JTP18BW1BB). Over the past several weeks my wife and I have noticed that dishes are not cooking properly as per the recipes. I placed a TC probe from an external digital thermometer inside the oven, closed the door, and set the oven on bake at 350F. over the next 30-45 minutes, I observed the temperature on the external thermometer swing from about 325 to about 380F several times while the oven displayed 350F. I understand the oven has a sensor probe that connects to the control panel and switches the elements on and off. I feel this 55F swing is a little excessive for an electronic control oven. Am I correct? Is this a common problem? Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting procedure? Also, does this oven use the lower and broil elements to maintain the temperature?
I have a built in GE oven model JTP15W0W2WW that will stop working after being on for 15 or 20 minutes. It will start beeping with an error code, F2 or F3 or F5 at the time of the problem. I had read that this problem was usually due to part WB21x5340 (seemingly superseded by WB23T10002) or a bad oven control (unsure of what part number, since looking on Appliance Parts Pros there is a visible white front panel part as well as a control part directly behind that panel). I have tried resetting the power to the oven. This will help for a few minutes, but the errors return shortly. I tried reading the resistance with a multimeter, but I wasn't sure of the probe positioning. I tried replacing part WB21x5340 since it was cheap to do, but that did not help. I would appreciate any help or advice that you can provide! Allen
GE Electric Single OVEN JKP15 Hi - used the self-cleanig feature on my GE for the first time in 7 years since new - after about an hour there was very loud pop/possible electrical short-out type of sound and the display went blank. The main circuit breaker was blown and now I am unable to even open the door to get a look inside or disassemble since the main saftely latch stays engaged since there is no power. Once it cools I will flip the CB back on but I have a feeling it will just 'reblow'. Any ideas on what this problem could be and how do I get the door open? Thanks- Ken Cz
JKP15 Electric Single Oven: Oven keeps beeping with F7 error... Oven keeps beeping with F7 error
Oven will not heat up all the way. It starts at 100 and then moves up maybe 10-15 degrees. Both convection and normal bake won't work. Broil works just fine. I assume the breaker is fine, and upper heating element is ok. I looked at the lower element and it seems fine. It is covered by the bottom tray in the oven. I suspect the temp sensor is bad. What can I check before I call for a very $$ home service. I have a good meter and enough common sense not to get zapped. I hate getting zapped anyway....
I'm having problems finding part #WB27X55483, control panel for GE wall oven. Do I have any other recourse other than buying a new oven?
GE JKP15 does not self clean and minutes cant be set on clock