Thermador Gas Range GSC30CVB Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Thermador GSC30CVB Gas Range?

Timer part number 14-31-179 for Thermador GSC30CVB

The GSC30CVB Gas Range uses timer part number 14-31-179.

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GSC30CVB are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Bosch GSC30CVB Gas Range

GSC30CVB Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Range Parts diagram
GSC30CVB Gas Range Range Parts diagram
Main top Parts diagram
GSC30CVB Gas Range Main top Parts diagram
Control panel and heat shield Parts diagram
GSC30CVB Gas Range Control panel and heat shield Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Manzanita, OregonDisplay doesn''t work
Controls seem to work fine
Atlanta, GeorgiaThis is your second attempt to repair. Enclosed is a paper copy of original symptoms and receipts for payment and 3 year warranty. Current symptoms: 1) Clock numerals will spontaneously disappear (no longer illuminated). This will occur after an indeterminate period of time. Maybe hours, maybe seconds. Sometimes closing the oven door with a bang will bring the illumination back for a second or for a few minutes. 2) The same applies to oven temperature readings; they will spontaneously disappear (not illuminate), and may or may not come back for an indeterminate period of time by banging the oven door closed. 3) The timer numerals also disappear. 4) When timer numerals are illuminated and timer runs down to zero, there is no audible signal (no buzz or beep). 5) similarly, when oven reaches set temperature there is no audible signal (no buzz or beep) 6) We have only had the timer back from your shop for a short period of time and have not been able to operate it, or the oven, in any real capacity to fully test, so there may be other faults as well. I am including a wiring diagram from the original Thermador manual (hard copy) and photographs of the control unit with a note (hard copy). PLEASE TEST THE UNIT FOR A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME BEFORE RETURNING IT TO US. IT MAY SEEM TO WORK FOR A FEW SECONDS OR MINUTES, BUT HAS FAILED AFTER A LITTLE LONGER TIME. PERHAPS TEST OVERNIGHT. We do appreciate your service.Awaiting receipt of timer
Atlanta, GeorgiaHere are the symptoms: Lighted numbers of the timer/control unit will spontaneously go off as will power to the oven. Sometimes, if you slam the oven door they will come back on and the oven will work. This has been the situation for over 1 year. Most recently the oven will start but after 5 minutes, or after 30 seconds, it will shut off. This occurred for the first time 6 months ago and then did not reoccur until very recently. A local repair service identified the problem as the control panel, with the suggested repair of removing the existing control panel and having it repaired by a service provider such as your company.
I sent the following message to your by your web site: "We have had a repairman diagnose our oven problem as a faulty control panel. Can you repair the control panel if we send it in? or Do you have a previously repaired control panel that we can buy? Please provide estimates. Thank you."
I also included a photo of the range.
Your folks responded as follows:
The timer you have requested is currently out of stock. Fortunately, we have successfully rebuilt many of these controls so I encourage you to send it in for repair. The repair cost is only $146 plus shipping. In most cases, our repairs will be completed within 5 business days from when we receive your timer. Also, your stove top burners will continue to function even after you remove the timer.
We warranty all of our repairs for a full year and you can purchase longer warranties if you wish.
Here is a link to a page on our website that addresses most questions about our Repair and Return Service. If you don't find the information you are looking for, please call toll free at 1-888-519-1939.
Before sending your timer in for repair, please complete a Service Request and include a copy with your timer. Regards,
Howard Simons 1-888-519-1939"
BERKELEY, Californiapanel does not display. buttons inoperable. Stove does not go on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bethesda, MarylandDisplay stuck on ':0' . No other lights or indicators displayed. Oven will not turn on. No reaction to any of the buttons being pressed.Beyond Repair
Oakland, CaliforniaI have a Thermador GSC30CVB with the usual symptoms - clock display fades in and out, flipping the self-cleaning lock back and forth brings the display on intermittently, different temperatures brings the display on intermittently. It otherwise functions largely normally. If at all possible I'd be very happy to purchase a reconditioned / or repaired oven control board unit.Awaiting receipt of timer
Boulder, ColoradoOur timer is failing to illuminate once the oven gets above about 400 degrees. It will usually illuminate given an manual impact to the oven frame above the timer, but this is unpleasant and unreliable at best. Otherwise it is functioning correctly.Repaired
Boulder, ColoradoThis is a warranty repair. Upon installing following previous repair there are two problems: 1) The oven heating element is not being energized although the broiler heating element is energizing properly. There is no power at the BA relay board connector when bake is selected. 2) The convection fan is not working. There is no power to the BLO connector on the relay board when the convection fan switch is in the on position.Beyond Repair
Santa Barbara, CaliforniaAll controls work, but display is blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Wyndmoor, PennsylvaniaThe timer and relay board were removed from my oven in about 1999. I cannot remember the problem. However, when both were replaced, everything was fine until now. So what I would like to do is have the boards repaired so I can have a technician come in and swap them out with the bad ones. I can see obvious damage to the relay board, so I suspect that this was the problem and that the clock module is probably OK. Please test it out anyway.Repaired
Vancouver, British ColumbiaOven will not turn on. Convection fan comes on then shuts off, elements do not heat up, LED shuts off after ~20 secondsRepaired
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvaniathe damaged relay boardRepaired
Dayton, OhioIntermittently, timer fades out and is unreadable but continues to operate (keeps time, heats oven), you just can't see it. Sometimes, you can force the display to reappear by turning on a burner, or it seems to come back if the oven door is opened briefly (and cools the oven somewhat), or sometimes re-displays for no discernible reason at all.Beyond Repair
Ashton, MarylandWater leaked into the unit. Looks like 2-3 resistors are burnt. The numbers on the control board are: ERC-4500-TH/100-00364-01 CN: 14-31-179Repaired

Common problems for Thermador Gas Range GSC30CVB Timer Repair

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I am trying to replace the clock,Oven Control on this model. I don't believe the replacement part is still available. Advice needed on how to remove the oven control module. Where is the power supply for this component located? Should this be checked also? Can I use the Bosch AP2836528 as a replacement sub? Otherwise I will remove and send the defective part in to be repaired. Any advice on how to disassemble the front of the oven to remove this part and a diagram of the unit? I have the Service manual. I had a service tech come out yesterday who had never worked on this unit and was unsure as to the best approach.
I have a 14 year old Thermador GSC30B oven that works well except for a worn out display. Because of the low resolution of the image, I cannot tell which part I need from this diagram. I believe the display is all that is broken. The buttons still appear to work correctly: for example, I can turn on the oven, I just can't see the clock, clock, oven temperature, etc. What part number do I need to order?
I Have A range Model Tappan Of 4 Burners And The clock Of The Furnace Was Disturbed To Me Does Not Work The Screen Of The Ignition Of The Furnace And Therefore I Do Not Have Working The Furnace But The Problem Is That Only Have The Model The Anus I Do Not Buy Myself Here And Already Was The range So Not Like Finding The Piece What Fails Is The Digital Screen Of Where The Furnace Ignites
Thermador Model: GSC30CVB, Serial 93040671 oven Electric oven control panel, and oven, do not work (gas burners still fine). Smoke started coming out of the sealed control panel. It stopped burning with I turned off the circuit breaker. It's a built-in elec/convect/broil oven, 4 gas burners, elec. grill with metal cover. We need the downdraft because there is no way to install an overhead vent. The readout controls (time/temp) had been fading or losing connection for about a year, but strong or sharp pressure would fix it. I was washing the oven-top with soapy water when smoke started coming out of the front (sealed) panel cover. It is possible water MAY have trickled under the grill cover & reached the plug-in socket for the grill element. The front panel appears sealed. Repairman thought it needs a relay board. Can you send me a PDF that would show the parts layout or tell me how to get it. Can also you explain what happened? Thanks for your help!