Dacor Wall Oven CPO130 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor CPO130 Wall Oven?

Timer part number 82810 for Dacor CPO130

The CPO130 Wall Oven uses timer part number 82810.

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CPO130 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Chassis assy Parts diagram
CPO130 Wall Oven Chassis assy Parts diagram
Door assy Parts diagram
CPO130 Wall Oven Door assy Parts diagram
Trim assy Parts diagram
CPO130 Wall Oven Trim assy Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
ithaca, New YorkThe oven just turns off when you try to set the temperature setting.Repaired
Chico, CaliforniaClock can not be set, timer does not work. The lights on the right of the oven knob remain on. See attached drawing in shipmentBeyond Repair
bowen island, British ColumbiaTime/temperature control knob does not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Van Nuys, Californiaunresponsive control settingRepaired
Charleroi, PennsylvaniaThe selector switch doesn't allow changing modes of operation. It also won't allow the oven to be turned off. We had to cut the power at the breaker box. The knob rotates but nothing changes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hopkins, South CarolinaWhen the oven is turned on it starts into the preheat cycle for just a second and then shuts down. The selector lights stays on but the display reverts back to display the time. I have attempted to restart the oven cycle multiple times and after 30 to 45 minutes of restarts it may start the oven cycle and heat up the oven. Per one of your techs I have ohmed the temperature sensor with a reading of 1075 ohms at room temp.Repaired
Seattle, WashingtonOven sometimes shuts off by itself. Sometimes can't get it to turn on at all. Often times will start beeping after shutting off and cooling fan has started.Beyond Repair
Edmonds, WashingtonDisplay fades out occasionally. Can be brought back by pressing the glass panel. All oven functions seem to work ok except for the oven cleaning function. When cleaning function is selected; after a period of time the FI failure code comes on and the failure signal comes on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Wheaton, IllinoisI have a Dacor convection plus wall oven CPO130. It has power, it turns on when switched on, but then immediately shuts down. Power remains on panel, but heating element doesn't get hot and exhaust fan doesn't run. No failure code. This problem occurred one time last year, then didn't reoccur until now.Beyond Repair
Long Beach, CaliforniaIntermittent F1 alarm on ovenAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Dacor Wall Oven CPO130 Timer Repair

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Dacor CPO130 oven won't heat. Turn oven selector to any position, only control panel lights, won't allow adjustment. Cannot set time.
CPO130 wall oven has been giving F1 error code for years. repairman replaced circuit board two years ago and this fixed problem for a month then same thing all over again. I s problem in the relays for the heating element or in the printed circuit board? I heard a rumor the PCBs for this model have been obsoleted and are no longer available. if the fault is in the circuit board are there any board-level repairs that i can do to repair it? I hate to buy a new oven just for this... Thanks.
I have Dacor convection plus wall oven CPO130, it has worked well for many years but now the display panel frequently goes out which will come on after persistent knocking or pushing on the panel so I can set the temperature. Recently, although I was able to set the temperature but the display went out while cooking and I suspect somewhere along the time the the oven actually turned off by itself and had to be reset. Last several months the oven will begin beeping out of nowhere although we manage to turn it off somehow and the code shown is F1. Last time we tried to use self-clean mode, the oven just locked but will not heat and we had a hard time unlocking it which it eventually unlocked with help from Dacor personnel instructions. Needless to say I have not used the self clean mode since. I have called local repairman and was told that there wasn't parts available for this model anymore and we will have to remove & send it off for repairs, probably to you and it will take 2-3weeks.
We have an 18 year old DACOR wall mounted oven, model CPO130. The lens cover for the oven light broke. I am trying to get a new lens cover. Your 1 800 number refered me to Fox Appliance in Georgia. They were very nice but told me that they are only authorized to sell the full ilight unit, socket et al, part numbe 86123, and for about $39, plus an electrician or appliance man to install it, would cost me about $150. ALL I WANT IS THE GLASS LENS COVER. Probably a $10 item. Can you help me. XXXXXX X. XXXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XX, XXXXXX XXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX40828.8325227199
Dacor Oven: Model CPO130 When using the Self-cleaning cycle, I received a series of different error codes. - F7 "Failure of the Self Clean automatic door latch circuit." However, the door was locked as in a normal cleaning cycle and the oven was heating. The oven beeped repeatedly until I turned the cycle selector knob to off. The beeping stoped, but the fan continued. a few minutes later ... - F8 "Failure of the door latch motor. Occurs when the motor runs for four minutes without the door locking in self-clean mode." Again, the fan was running, the oven was warm, and the door was locked. I turned the cycle selector knob back & forth, ending at "off" and the beeping stopped and the error code went away. The fan continued. Then, about an hour later ... - F1 "Element relay circuit failure." I used the same procedure (on./off) to clear the code. Turned off the unit at the circuit breaker. This sounds serious. Where is the element relay circuit? Is this something I can replace? Would grea
Topic: Dacor CPO 130 oven. Symptom: Partly, dimly lit function indicator on one position of the mode selector switch. (This is the 360 degree switch with 6 positions: bake regular, bake convection, broil, self-clean, off, and whatever else you do with an oven.) With the switch in the Off position, one of the indicators remains dimly lit at all times. Not as brightly lit as when it is actually selected, but definitely glowing. All of the functions (including "Off") actually work. Sometimes, oven beeps and fan comes on and off. I know I should replace PCB switch part #82810, but it is discontinuded by Dacor and I can not find it anywhere. Thanks.
I have a dacor oven , cpo130 , the oven when new and under warranty showed an f2 signal . they replaced the board { part no, 828.37}. after several years it happened again . the company said it is out of warranty so we paid for another board , just recently it is doing the same , Everything works on the oven .the temp , the clock,clock, all settings etc etc. I had the service man out and he put in a new heat/thermometer that is inside the oven , it still beeps and show the f2 signal ,the only way to shut the f2 signal is to turn the main control clockwise or counter clockwise , The f2 will show up approx 1-3 hours after the oven is off and is cooling down ,, please help me as the company states that the board is no longer being made , Is there a company that rebuilds boards or can it be another problem since we have been replacing boards ,Can it be a wire that is overheating or loose ? Thankyou for helping me ..Brad
My Dacor, model CPO130 electric single wall over heats at 400 or more degrees for an hour or so. After that it automatically reduces the temperature to 285 degrees and says it's in a pre-bake setting. It remains at 285 until shut down and allowed to cool. It seems there is some electrical device which is tripping and not allowing the oven to continue heating at the 400 plus temperature. If I am correct how do I go about repairing this problem. It's a problem because you can't complete cooking what's in the oven as it won't stay hot enought. Thank you.
Switch in dacor CPS 130 Single is not working. Light can be turn on and the clock is working. We were told that part 1315w should be replaced but is not available. Can the oven be reapaired ?
I love my oven and never had any problem whatsoever with it until now. It's 16 years old. Last night it started beeping and displayed Error Code F2. Is this something that can be fixed? Are parts for an oven this old even available? Is it worth fixing or should I just go buy a new oven? The service fee for just coming out to check it is $85!!! I can't get any info from anyone over the phone; they just want to schedule an appt. to come out and charge me $85. Linda