Frigidaire Electric Walloven CGEB27S7CB1 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven?

Timer part number 318010701 for Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1

The CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven uses timer part number 318010701.

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CGEB27S7CB1 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven, CGEB27S7CB2, CGEB27S7CS2

CGEB27S7CB1 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Control panel Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Body Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Door Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Wiring diagram Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QuebecProblem started as oven was functionning for over 1 hour. It stopped heating and start locking the door. Cancel button wouldn't do anything. I shut off the breakers and when I restarted the oven, it worked for 5 minutes and now code F-1 appears with intermittent alarm on and off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Listowel, OntarioDisplay does not come onBeyond Repair
Saint-Basile-Le-Grand, QuebecTop heating element has not been working for a few years. Bottom heating element stopped working a month ago. Local repair person said the problem was the timer (and he could not source a replacement with his business partners). After putting the oven back in place, the bottom element worked. It has not failed again.Repaired
brandon, ManitobaNo broil elemnet working. It is newAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaOven will not heat up. Have checked element and no issues; Broiler still works.Repaired
Lethbridge, AlbertaBake function element not heating. Broil element works.Repaired
Hamilton, OntarioOven will not come up to temperature.Repaired
Kitchener, OntarioEverything functions but no heat on bake or broil.Repaired
Guelph, OntarioFailure started after excessive moisture in upper area due to vent coming dislodged. Display now constantly shows “CLN STOP” and no option (bake, broil, conv bake) will heat up the oven. It allows you to set bake temp of 350, then it goes to the initial 100 and nothing happens. Prior to the failure, at this point the oven would “click” once as the elements engaged, now that doesn’t happen.Awaiting receipt of timer
Brossard, QuebecBake element does not heat while the broil element works. Service man checked and and identified the electronic board as being the problem. If possible, I would like to purchase either a new one or a reconditioned one.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vanier, OntarioBroiler does not come on. Electrics in oven all check OK.Repaired
Stony plain, AlbertaNo power at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Pontypool, OntarioBroiler stopped working a few months ago
Bake element stopped working last week.
Elements have no bubbling etc
You can select bake but element will not heat up and temp gauge will not read higher than 100.
Kamloops, British ColumbiaI was cooking at 400f, heard a pop and all the lights went onto the oven control panel and cooking stopped.Beyond Repair
St-Colomban, QuebecOVEN WORKS 1 ON 3 TIMESAwaiting receipt of timer
Portuguese Cove, Nova ScotiaOven heats but temperature will not make greater than 300F. I've replaced the temp sensor and bake element. Problem is persistent.Repaired
Cornwall, OntarioWall oven will not produce heat.Repaired
Avonport, Nova ScotiaMy baking element will not work. The broiler element, clock and convection fan all work wellRepaired
Moncton, New BrunswickConvection Oven started acting up December 2019, it would would heat up to preheat temperature, then lose heat. I could play with temperatures, off On nd sometimes get the oven to heat. As of last week, Convection would not heat.
LCD display has been fading for years.
Bake has not worked for ...years, because it became disconnected in back from element.
Broil is working as of last week

Common problems for Frigidaire Electric Walloven CGEB27S7CB1 Timer Repair

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Hello. I need help !!!! My digital wall oven ( Frigidaire - Electrolux) Model : CGEB27S7CB1 stop broiling. The bottom element work well. When i click on the bake button i can hear the click inside the control and the element start heating. If i cancel the bake operation and start broiling i can see on the wallplate broiling is on, then hearing the click inside the control but the broil element refuse to heat. I take the broil element outside the oven the check it with my ohm meter. The reading is 16.7. All wires and terminals are ok. No What could be wrong ??? Gilles
Our wall oven heats VERY slowly. When checked, the top element heats but the bottom element is stone cold. The clock is working fine. We can hear the oven clicking on and off frequently. We replaced the temperature sensor. No change. We replaced the terminal block. No change. We replaced the bottom element. Still no change. We have check all the wiring on the back of the oven and in the junction box and they appear intact. No sign of burn marks or arcing around any of the wires. Could the problem be the control panel? If so,what is the best way to approach this problem. Any other ideas? Help!