Amana Gas Range ACF3325AW Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Amana ACF3325AW Gas Range?

Timer part number 31924402 for Amana ACF3325AW

The ACF3325AW Gas Range uses timer part number 31924402.

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ACF3325AW are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool ACF3325AW Gas Range, ACF3325AW-PACF3325AW0, ACF3325AW-PACF3325AW1

ACF3325AW Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
ACF3325AW Gas Range Cabinet Parts diagram
Cavity and backguard Parts diagram
ACF3325AW Gas Range Cavity and backguard Parts diagram
Maintop and gas supply Parts diagram
ACF3325AW Gas Range Maintop and gas supply Parts diagram
Oven door and storage drawer Parts diagram
ACF3325AW Gas Range Oven door and storage drawer Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Gilbert, MinnesotaTimer and clock do not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Gilbert, MinnesotaCan not set the clock. When I did before it always gained time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Norwich, ConnecticutConstant F1 code
Oven inoperable
Lincoln, NebraskaDisplays F1 error code. Stove will not stay lit when a temperature is selected but digital display will display time and Oven light will turn off. Digital display will not stay on a single temperature when attempting to set the temperature but jumps around erratically to nearby temperatures and "Cln".Beyond Repair
Binghamton, New Yorkfirst the oven light would not work until i unplugged unit to reset it. then display started changing erratically from timer to temp to clock. then it started shutting off in the middle of is hard to get it to come back on. I have reset it several times as this has been going on for several works better at 425f and it shuts off at 350f. you have to turn it back on 3 or 4 times in 45 minutes of baking. I sent an email to you on 10/4/16.Repaired
Riverdale, UtahWhen turning on the oven, I have to hold the knob down to get the oven to light. Once the oven lights, and I let go of the knob, the oven turns off. Sounds like a connection/contact issue with just the knob.Awaiting receipt of timer
Coon Rapids, MinnesotaThis control timer has a mind of it's own. Comes on and off whenever it wants. How much foe a new one? How much for a recondition one?Awaiting receipt of timer
Inkom, IdahoDoes not light up or do anything. There was 120 volt to the board, but no display and nothing with the range clock worked. The burners started just fine but not the oven.Beyond Repair

Common problems for Amana Gas Range ACF3325AW Timer Repair

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Amana gas oven model acf3325aw temperature is 100 degrees off
Amana Big Oven ACF3325AW oven wont light. range top works and broiler works. Oven won't heat.
I have a gas oven with a oven door that requires adjustment. How do I do it. It's an Amana ACF3325Aw
model acf3325as, oven is not turning on. it looks like the electric igniters are working, but no gas supply to oven. the top burners are all functioning properly
i have an amana air condictioner, that when i turn power on the digital read out for space temp reads 32 deg.
My oven burners work. My broil works but when setting a temp for my oven to bake...the preheat light comes on but NO heat! I have had to replace the heat sensor a couple times since purchasing it but that was because the oven kept heating to a high level no matter what the temp was set to. Is the sensor once again the culprit? What is the problem with my oven this time???
Both ignitors glow hot, but no gas flow, no bake, broil, or clean. No error codes. Burners work fine. Reading through as many posts as I can, general advice would be to replace the ignitors. Is it likely that both of them are weak? Just thought I best ask before I start part swapping. And it looks like there is only one gas valve, so that is not likely to be a problem if the burners work, yes?
my right front burner would not shut off so I turned the gas off on the gas line to the range. I replaced the valve with part# ap4041810 and now the burner will light and shut off , but it will go out when I try to turn it to low.It woprks find on high and med. What could be the problem?
Oven does not work, neither Broiler nor Bake, clock & control panel appear to work, top burners work fine. I set the oven for a 3 hour self clean, using Maytag directions, no trouble doing so before this, nor this time, the small red oven light indicator does not go on, nor does the oven work-heat, either for "Bake" or "Broil". There is no error code that shows up on the controls. (Have not tried "Timed Bake", never use it, but DID try Clean cycle again, as per instructions, for a 30 min. cleaning....clock and lock appear to work fine, and shut off fine, but no heat. ) I can see....from what I have read in present forum listings, that apparently it is better not to use the self-cleaning cycle at all....true?) (If it's a thermal fuse switchout, where is the fuse located? Don't see it on any of the four exploding charts for this model...I can check for continuity if I can find it...) Any ideas gratefully received.