Maytag A806 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Maytag A806 Washer?

Timer part number 2-04499-2 for Maytag A806

The A806 Washer uses timer part number 2-04499-2.

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A806 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool A806 Washer

A806 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Front view-series 1 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Front view-series 1 Parts diagram
Front view series 2 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Front view series 2 Parts diagram
Rear view Parts diagram
A806 Washer Rear view Parts diagram
Control Parts diagram
A806 Washer Control Parts diagram
Top cover up prior to series 1 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Top cover up prior to series 1 Parts diagram
Top cover up series o1 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Top cover up series o1 Parts diagram
Top cover up series 02 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Top cover up series 02 Parts diagram
Front panel removed prior to series 01 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Front panel removed prior to series 01 Parts diagram
Front panel removed series 01 and 02 Parts diagram
A806 Washer Front panel removed series 01 and 02 Parts diagram
Bleach injection system Parts diagram
A806 Washer Bleach injection system Parts diagram
Agitator and accessories Parts diagram
A806 Washer Agitator and accessories Parts diagram
Poly pump Parts diagram
A806 Washer Poly pump Parts diagram
Water injection system Parts diagram
A806 Washer Water injection system Parts diagram
Motor mount Parts diagram
A806 Washer Motor mount Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
West Pittston, PennsylvaniaNon functioningRepaired
Nyssa, OregonDiscontinued working on all settings. Slight buzzing in the time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Levelland, TexasIf dial is on prewash cycle, machine will not start. If set to regular wash, it fails to rinse. Upon reaching the rinse cycle, it spins a bit, clicks for a minute or so, then stops.Repaired
Paradise, Newfoundland and LabradorAll cycles work (wash, spin, rinse etc.), but the timer will not advance automatically to the next cycle. The washer will stay in whatever cycle the timer is set to manually.Repaired
Glendale, ArizonaThe dial stops advancing after agitation and just sits there with water in the tub. If a new timer is not available I’ll send my old one in for repair.Repaired
Canmore, AlbertaTimer not workingRepaired
Canmore, AlbertaWasher does everything but agitate
would like you to send timer I will install and then return my old-timer to you
Awaiting receipt of timer
Bowie, MarylandDoes not advance.
Shipping Department: Please contact Howard before shipping.
St. Catharines, OntarioStove was put on self clean and the timer stopped and died before the self clean was done. Unable to open the door. Electric circuits in stove have been checked and have power still. No burnt wires in the stove. Display is blank and oven not functional. (gas stove)Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Chicago, IllinoisWasher will not change cycles automatically. It will go to the next cycle only if turned by hand.Repaired
Saint Paul, MinnesotaIf one cannot be found what is a range in price for repair one that I send in?Awaiting receipt of timer
Bellflower, CaliforniaTimer gets stuck during spray rinse. Is this something that you can rebuild or have a replacement one that has already been rebuilt. Otherwise timer works well.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hulett, WyomingWill not advance wash cycle. Just continues present cycle. Can manually advance to next cycle.Repaired
Ovando, MontanaTimer does not advance. When manually advanced all cycles are operating properly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Victoria, BC, British Columbiathe 10 minute washing cycle starts to wash only at about the 5 or 6 minute mark.Repaired
Hulett, WyomingWill not advance wash cycle. Just continues present cycle. Can manually advance to next cycle.Repaired
Flower Mound, Texasburned up contactsAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Maytag A806 Timer Repair

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your A806 timer-related problem.
Is there any way of connecting a Sony NW-A806 player to iBOOK G4?
my Sony Walkman NW-A806 mp3 player can't play songs and videos
We just bought a new clock for my 27 yr. old washer thinking that was the problem. My husband installed it and it's not the problem. It's doing the same thing the original clock was doing and that will fill up with water and then stop. It won't go through the agitation cycle. I have to turn the clock dial all the way around to rinse and then it will spin and dump out the dirty water. Then I have to turn the dial all the way around to rinse and it will fill with water and then spin and dump it out. Then I have to turn the dial again all the way back around to spin and it will spin and then click on down to stop. Can you tell me what the problem is and what part I'd need to fix it? Terry
Sony NW A806 mp3 not registering what is on memory HI I have a Sony NW A806 mp. I keep trying to load music onto to it but more recently the following happens.Once download or sync (not sure on terminology) is complete there is nothing in the players library when I disconnect from the usb. pc.However once I look via the windows players library it is clear that the music is on the player but won't register as being on the player.Please discuss away, I have such limited knowledge that any whizzy bizzy tech language will confuse me LOTS!
I am needing help in troubleshooting a problem with our washing machine. When we set the time dial to a timed cycle and pull the knob out, nothing happens. Normally, this would activate the washer to start filling with water and then proceed to the agitation cycle, etc. If we turn the knob to the "rinse" or "spin" position, then it does activate the machine and it either starts filling with water or begins spinning. Because of these "symptoms", I believe the clock is bad and want to replace it. Can someone please advise if my diagnosis is correct?
My washer stopped after the rinse cycle just before the water drained out and the clock is still going around the cycle even on into the next different wash cycle but nothing happens. I think it might be the clock but I do not know how to get to the part to put a new one on if that is the problem.
my Dell vostro A806 sound card is not OK ,the external sound is not working but with headphone it is good I can hear every thing but without no
My mp3 player (NW A806) i formatted it in the settings screen now when i open my folders there are no folders can some one please help me?
My Maytag A7500 washing machine blows out it's fuse when it is plugged in. What is the most probable cause (or causes) of this and what steps should I take to determine which parts are needed to correct this problem? Before it started blowing fuses it would occasionally quit between cycles until I pushed in the clock knob, turned it to another setting, and pulled out the knob again, then it even stopped responding to that tactic.
would like to present this symptom before determiing direction to head - wahser works OK - have noticed that both the regular & permanent press wash cycle seem to wash for a larger than expected time - clock appears to be moving slowly - machine is functioning , but i do need to move clock along to speed up process - is this a clock issue? or something else?
Our Maytag washer has a brand new clock purchased from you and installed. The washer does not advance the cycle. The washing machine fills with water and begins agitating, but the clock never advances, it will agitate forever. Also, when manually moved to spin cycle it will just spin forever. What else should I look at or replace ??
The clock spins and does not stop at the end of each setting (regular wash, permanent press. delicates). Also, nothing works no matter where you put the clock dial (fill, spin, rinse. wash). I think the clock is bad? What do you think?
Model A806 clothes washer. Old, and working great til yesterday. Fixable? Smell of burning rubber. Tub doesn't turn. I took belt off and it looks shiney but not that worn. The center hub (that the belt wraps around) turns independantly of the tub. Is there a clutch that engages when the tub is supposed to turn? Any ideas will be appreciated.
I have a 1973/74 Model A806 Maytag Washer and the clock has gone on it. Where can I find another clock for this machine?
I have a Maytag A806 and the motor is allowing too much slip during agitation, causing the agitation speed to be way too slow. how do i fix this?
I have a a806 washer that is leaking water. I've taken the front off. What is the thing called on the right side front with two or three hoses, made of plastic. It looks like that is the source of my leak. W
Hello, I have Maytag washing machine model A806 which I placed in service in about 1979. The unit has been virtually trouble free since new. Last April I replaced the drive belts for the first time as there had then developed a vibration or shaking during full speed spin. The belts had apparantly worn/stretched to exhibit excess slack an the new belts totally solved that problem. Just recently, the washer started to exhibit a loud, squealing/moaning noise upon start of a spin cycle that appears to be sensitive to the high inertia start of a full tub. The machine is always operated in the extra large load mode. As the power unit accelerates the noise diminishes and disappears totally as drum speed picks up. The noise never occurs during agitation cycle but always occurs at the start on the spin cylcle. I thought the belts may be slipping but application of a belt dressing or silicone had no effect. The belts both look essentially new yet. I watched the drive motor tension rack during
can the clutch of a806 diesel be adjusted.gear box is grinding around 3rd.cant find replacement gearbox.Need an easy solution.
Does the Maytag A806 have a fuse or circuit protection for the drive motor. If so where is it or how do you reset/replace it?