Magic Chef 9475XVB Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Magic Chef 9475XVB Range?

Timer part number 10682386KF for Magic Chef 9475XVB

The 9475XVB Range uses timer part number 10682386KF.

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9475XVB are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Maytag 9475XVB Range, Whirlpool 9475XVB Range

9475XVB Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
9475XVB Range Control panel Parts diagram
Internal controls Parts diagram
9475XVB Range Internal controls Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
9475XVB Range Body Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
9475XVB Range Door Parts diagram
Gas controls Parts diagram
9475XVB Range Gas controls Parts diagram
Door (ser. pre. 14) Parts diagram
9475XVB Range Door (ser. pre. 14) Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityProblem DescriptionResolution
Vancouver, British ColumbiaOven occasionally shows F5 error when started. Error can be cleared with the Stop/Clear button.Awaiting receipt of timer
Stoney Creek, OntarioOven starts normally and after about one minute it shuts down, starts beeping and displays F-5. Pressing the Stop/Clear button turns the display and beeping off.
Problem started 5 +/- years ago maybe once a year but oven would work fine the next day for the year or more. The oven will not fire up at all now.
Valley City, OhioUnit is completely dead. No clock in the window, buttons do not activate anything. If this can't be repaired, I would like a refurbished unit if one is available.Repaired
San Clemente, CaliforniaF5 code and shuts offAwaiting receipt of timer
Waleska, Georgiaworks intermittentlyAwaiting receipt of timer
Wheatley, OntarioProblem was intermittent but is now seemingly permanent as code pops up every time we attempt to use it, resulting in no source of ignition.Repaired
peace river, Albertadisplay does not show anything. oven will turn on and off by hitting bake button but no display. no clock display.Repaired
Austin, Texasblank and unresponsive screenAwaiting receipt of timer
Wheatley, OntarioIgniters are intermittently working and when not working I get an F5 code.Awaiting receipt of timer
katy, TexasIT SHOWS F5 CODE AND NOT BAKEAwaiting receipt of timer
West Fork, ArkansasOven ignitor not coming on. New ignitor. An appliance tech told me a prior sloppy ignitor repair had caused the motherboard to be fried. Broil ignitor glows bright and broil burner comes on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Potomac, MarylandCode F5 comes on and oven will not start.Beyond Repair
Tecumseh, Ontarioworks for a 1 minute or so than shuts off and displays error code F-5Repaired
Austin, TexasDisplay is burned out.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Champlain, Qu├ębecEven if you set the oven at any degres 200-300-400-or what ever the heat never sotp to go up look's like went the thermostat is satisfy and give the signal to the control panel to stop the control panel keep on going up and never stop.Beyond Repair
Gaston, IndianaJust doesn't work.

If timer can not be repaired, please e-mail us with pricing for a new one and shipping options. We'll respond ASAP
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary

Common problems for Magic Chef 9475XVB Timer Repair

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your 9475XVB timer-related problem.
Yesterday, when I was doing my first load of laundry, I started my washer the usual way, selecting the water level, water temperature and the wash cycle. When I attempted to pull the cycle selector control buttom out to start the water filling into the washer basket, it came out only with a trickle. I pushed the wash selector button in and went to another wash cycle and the water started flowing in with the usual appropriate flow and quickly filled up the the appropriate level and completed the wash cycle. However, when I attempted to wash a second load, the same thing happened - and switching to another wash selector did not correct the problem. I pushed the wash cycle selector button in and waited for (5) five minutes and tried again. The water came in with the regular flow and went through the complete cycle. This has happened several times before - at the rinse cycle, the water trickling in slowly and not filling to the appropiate level for the washing cycle to continue - with me g
I have a hand-me-down washer from my parents when I moved into my house 4 years ago. I was changing the settings on the knob, and then all of the sudden the machine would not start. So, I checked the outlet by plugging in my sweeper, and the outlet worked. I also checked the breaker box, and nothing blew there. So, I pulled off the front control panel, and noticed a little fuse that was blown. So, I replaced the fuse, and it blew again right away. SO, I have no idea what to do next? I can supply pictures of anything if needed.. I just need help!! Please Todd
I am trying to replace the trigger used to start wash cycle when lid is closed. I am having problems getting to, reaching, and unscrewing the bolt that the ground wire is connected to. What method should I use to unscew the ground wire? primetime22
Getting an F-1 code. The code schedule solution says to replace the touch pad or clock. I can not ID a touch pad from the control panel module drawing. There is no p/n for a touch pad. I hesitate to disassemble the oven until I have the repair parts on hand. Anyone had this module apart or had any experience with the clock and face plate assembly?
I would like to confirm that the clock is in fact the problem with my dishwasher. When last set going it ran for 3 1/2 hours without the dial moving into the rinse cycle. It opened the soap dispenser but there was no water (or very little) to wash it away as the soap was (and still is) stuck in place. The clock stuck at the end of the wash cycle after the water had run out. Got extremely hot and kept attempting to run with no water in it. Is this a clock problem (no matter what the model # is)? Whirlpool part #AP4112921.
Washer is almost "dead". Motor is not working in any mode. If washer is plugged in it could be filled with water. If it is not plugged in water is not coming in. In any case the motor is not working. Is there a fuse on that model? I do not have a manual.
So my magic chef oven - model #9475XVB - will not let me do anything right now. I turned off power at the circuit breaker for a few minutes and this did notwork. The screen says "door" and it is not blinking. I think one of the eight young kids in the house moved the cleaning lever lock mechanism to the right while grandma was baking cookies. What can I do to reset the oven so I can make homemade pizzas for the 8 kids and 6 adults in the house this evening? No service tech. is available out here where I live for at least a week and a half. . .
I have a Magic Chef gas wall oven that doesn't light properly. I've had the clock rebuilt and replaced the bottom termocouple which I thought may have to much resistance because the bottom burner doesn't light even though the termocouple was red, but still on success. Here's what happens; 1] on bake the bottom termocouple gets white hot, the top doesn't get red, and no light. 2] on briol the top termocouple gets white and lights. normal 3] on clean the top burner lights but the bottom doesn't. What should I try next? could it be the safty valve, or do I still have a problem with the time. Does the maytag 7601p232-60 clock give an error code. Thanks, Richard